Wackiest tour rider demands by international celebrities

As Justin Bieber’s recent weird tour rider leak has become the talk of the town, we list the craziest celebrity demands that surprised people across the globe.

hollywood Updated: May 08, 2017 18:10 IST
HT Correspondents
HT Correspondents
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Justin Bieber,Bryan Adams,Beyoncé
Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber (Photo: Reuters)


As Justin Bieber’s recent weird tour rider leak has become the talk of the town, we list the craziest celebrity demands that amused the world.

Bryan Adams during his India tour. (HT Photo)

Bryan Adams
During his India tour in 2011, Canadian rock star Bryan Adams asked for 100 white towels for the crew and a hospitality party after every concert. Adams also asked for the barricades for the standing audience to not be more than 1.2mtr away from the stage, as his band wanted to interact with the audience from as close as possible. He also demanded rooms with big windows, and his rooms to not have fluorescent lights, as he does not like them. He wanted adjustable incandescent lighting in his room.

Beyoncé (Photo: AFP)

The singer’s usual demands reportedly include that her room be kept at 78degree, chicken legs ‘heavily seasoned’ with cayenne pepper, rose-scented candles and lighters to light them, alkaline water chilled to 21 degrees, served with $900 titanium straws, and bathrooms to have new toilet seats and red toilet paper. And these are just few from the list.

Rapper Kanye West (Photo: AP)

Kanye West
West’s demands are as weird it can get. He apparently demands a barber’s chair, Carmex lip balm, one bar of L’Occitane soap, shower shoes, loads of alcohol, two packs of chewing gum, one box of toothpicks and more.

Madonna (Photo: Reuters)

Madonna, reportedly, has the longest list of demands as compared to other international stars. The Like a virgin singer is reported to have asked for a 200-person entourage that includes personal chefs, yoga instructors, bodyguards and an on-site dry cleaner for her costumes, 20 international phone lines, and lilies and light pink or white roses cut to precisely six inches. Now, that’s being too specific.

Lady Gaga (HT Photo)

Lady Gaga
Her weird list of demands includes a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair and 28 bottles of water at room temperature and another 28 bottles of chilled water. During The Monster Ball Tour from 2009 to 2011, she asked her room to be kitted out with silver satin sheets; posters of David Bowie, Queen and Elton John to be in her room; yellow, lavender or white roses; and a steamer.

Rapper Jay-Z (HT Photo)

The rapper is notorious for having a long list of demands when on a tour. Some of which are seven dressing rooms, desired room temperature of 72 degrees, one love seat, one large couch, two matching end tables, two 48 cases of Fiji Water (24 cold/24 room temperature), one jar of good quality peanut butter and grape jelly.

First Published: May 08, 2017 18:10 IST