Witness this! Mad Max told entirely in amazing hieroglyph art
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Witness this! Mad Max told entirely in amazing hieroglyph art

Mad Max: Fury Road has become an instant classic. It is one of the most amazing action movies ever made and all this acclaim has inspired incredible creativity from fans. Here's a brilliant new piece by Japanese artist Takumi who's retold the entire plot of the movie in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

hollywood Updated: Aug 26, 2015 17:55 IST
Rohan Naahar
Rohan Naahar
Hindustan Times
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Witness this! Incredible Mad Max: Fury Road hieroglyph art. (Twitter)

Any day that involves new Mad Max: Fury Road art, is to our silver-spray addled brains, a lovely, lovely day. Let the floodgates of Valhalla consume you as you witness this brilliant piece by an Imperator if there ever was one, Japanese artist Takumi.

She's created a tremendously unique piece inspired by the great film. Not unlike the Twitter user who told the entire plot of Jurassic World in emoji, Takumi has painstakingly put together the plot of Mad Max: Fury Road - which, like the wasteland it depicts, is admittedly pretty bare - entirely in Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Unless your brain works like one of the War Boys, you'd never have thought Mad Max in hieroglyphs is something that might make sense. But lo and behold, there is something oddly perfect about this. And not just because of all the desert imagery.

The whole idea of Immortan Joe, sitting all Pharaoh-like on a big throne as his War Boys work like slaves and his subjects survive exclusively at his mercy is perfect.

It is also curious that while Imperator Furiosa takes centre-papyrus on the piece, Max is hardly anywhere to be seen. Perhaps Takumi is addressing that theory which suggests that Furiosa is the rightful hero of the film and not Max.

There has been an endless stream of cool artwork, videos and posters surrounding Mad Max ever since its splashy debut in March. And now, as the instant cult-classic bows out on home video, the barrage of fan tributes has only intensified.

This one is a sensational bit of sequential art. It tells the story perfectly, while at the same time being respectful of the source. Even Immortan Joe would think twice before declaring: "Ah, mediocre."

Takumi has even added a black & white version of the piece. And since plans for a black & white version of the film on Blu-Ray have been scrapped, we can make do with this.


First Published: Aug 26, 2015 14:48 IST