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Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 highlights: He sings well, says Kejriwal on BJP’s Manoj Tiwari as opponent

HTLS 2019: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal capped off the 17th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019. The two-day event was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on Friday.

By HT Correspondent | Dec 07, 2019 18:48 IST

Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman was the first speaker on day two of the 17th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. She was in conversation with Hindustan Times Editor-in-Chief Sukumar Ranganathan.

Captain Amarinder Singh and Bhupesh Baghel and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal shared their vision for the country.

PM Narendra Modi had set the tone for the thought leaders with his inaugural address on Day 1, connecting his government’s recent decisions to the theme of the Summit, ‘Conversations for a better tomorrow’. Aditya Birla Group chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla sounded a stark warning on the future of the group’s Vodafone Idea Limited if the government didn’t help soften the blow after October’s Supreme Court verdict.

5:18 pm IST

Kejriwal on ties with deputy CM Sisodia

“We do disagree but we have no personal ambitions. We are small people, we got the love of people. And, we consider ourselves lucky,” said CM Kejriwal when he was asked about possible arguments with deputy CM Manish Sisodia.

5:14 pm IST

‘He sings well’: Kejriwal on BJP’s Manoj Tiwari

Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, speaking about his opponent Manoj Tiwari, said, “he sings well”. “Have you heard him sing Rinkiya ke papa,” he quipped.

The Delhi chief minister also said the Delhi election campaign will be based on the work by the AAP government in 5 years.

“People in Delhi speak in rallies about our work, AAP leaders don’t even have to give speeches. Political discourse has changed in Delhi,” he said.

5:11 pm IST

Kejriwal on dharna politics

“For 2. 5 years, CCTV file was in L-G’s office, we went and sat there for 10 days, it was signed. We fight for the people, not for myself,” said Kejriwal. The Delhi CM, however, insisted that dharna politics is the “last resort”.

5:10 pm IST

Pollution important problem, but not the number one problem: Delhi CM

“Pollution is an important problem, but not the number one problem. Different people have different issues,” said the Delhi CM.

5:09 pm IST

Odd even was a strict measure, people lapped it up: Delhi CM

“Odd even was a strict measure. Even my party workers said that wherever the rationing scheme was implemented in the world, it turned out to be politically suicidal. But, I went ahead with it and people lapped it up,” said the Delhi CM.

5:04 pm IST

Nobody knows the exact source of Delhi pollution: Kejriwal

“We need to do more for reducing pollution. We have made progress in last 5 years, we need to do much more. It’s a work in progress. Nobody knows the exact source of Delhi pollution. There are different studies that point at different directions. In October, there is different reason, for November the reason for pollution is different,” said the Delhi CM.

5:03 pm IST

You’ll like travelling in buses soon like Delhi Metro: Kejriwal

“We will bring in comfortable buses, you will like travelling in buses soon like you do in Delhi Metro,” said the Delhi CM

5:04 pm IST

Have started a pilot project, will give you European roads: Delhi CM

“Next, we will have to clean river Yamuna. We have started a pilot project, we will give you European roads. Look at other capitals in the world, we have to make Delhi like London and Tokyo,” said Kejriwal.

5:02 pm IST

Not production, demand is hurting our economy now: Kejriwal

“Now, that I have announced schemes for people, critics say I only give out freebies. I have not allowed private schools to raise their fee,” said the Delhi CM.

“Not production, demand is hurting our economy now. There is production but there is no demand,” he added

4:57 pm IST

I saved money by reducing corruption: Kejriwal

“I am accused of giving freebies. I saved money by reducing corruption. If I saved your money by giving it back to you in terms of good roads and education, what’s the harm in it? They would have called me a good CM, if I would have kept the money for myself,” said Kejriwal

4:54 pm IST

Kejriwal on free bus ride for women

“I haven’t bought myself a helicopter, unlike a CM in Gujarat who bought a helicopter for themselves. That gives us the money to help fund free bus rides for women in Delhi,” said Kejriwal.

4:52 pm IST

For last 5 years, Delhi govt has been running in surplus: Kejriwal

“The CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) has said that Delhi government is the only government running in surplus in the country. For the last 5 years, the Delhi government has been running in surplus,” said CM Arvind Kejriwal.

4:48 pm IST

Kejriwal on Delhi govt’s doorstep delivery services

“We have given you a number 1706, about 80 to 90 services have been put on this. The government will come to your doorstep now. You can order your ration card like you order pizza,” said CM Kejriwal.

4:46 pm IST

Air quality plummeted after stubble burning season began in Punjab, Haryana: Delhi CM

“The air quality in Delhi plummeted after the stubble burning season began in Punjab and Haryana. We are helpless in front of this,” said the Delhi CM.

4:46 pm IST

Want to ensure that people can drink water straight from tap: Delhi CM

“58% of Delhi had piped water, when AAP formed a government. Now, 93% of Delhi has piped water. We have finished tanker mafia in Delhi. We want to ensure that people can drink water straight from the tap,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

4:43 pm IST

In 5 years, pollution has reduced in Delhi, claims Arvind Kejriwal

“In last 5 years,two things have happened. Traffic has increased, industrial activity has increased. But in the last 5 years, the pollution in Delhi has gone down. There can be a debate on it that how much, but it has gone down,” said CM Kejriwal.

4:40 pm IST

There is a 70% drop in generator sales in Delhi: Kejriwal

“We have made sure there is sufficient power supply. Except a few colonies, the rest of the Delhi has good power supply 24*7. There is a 70% drop in generator sales in Delhi,” said Kejriwal.

4:36 pm IST

World is talking about Delhi’s mohalla clinics: Arvind Kejriwal

“The world is talking about Delhi’s mohalla clinics. Former UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon visited Mohalla clinic,” said Kejriwal.

4:34 pm IST

People in Greater Kailash want Mohalla clinics: Delhi CM

“The Greater Kailash RWA invited me to their programme. They asked me to open a Mohalla clinic. Rich people in Greater Kailash are availing benefits of Mohalla clinic,” said the Delhi chief minister.

4:32 pm IST

Delhi govt schools have performed better than private schools: CM Kejriwal

“Who would have thought government schools could do so much better. More than 300 students from the government schools have cleared IIT Jee exams. I was amazed by the English spoken by govt school students. There are government schools in Delhi, which I think are better than 70% of private schools in the city,” said Delhi CM Kejriwal.

4:31 pm IST

AAP has proven that Govt can be run with honesty: Kejriwal

“AAP government has proven that a government can be run with honesty. Elections can be fought and won with honesty,” said the Delhi chief minister.

4:29 pm IST

After 5 years, even our critics have started loving us: Arvind Kejriwal

“After 5 years of being in power, even our worst critics have started loving us. We will more hearts in the next two months,” said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

4:21 pm IST

Couture is most sustainable part of fashion today: Mary Katrantzou

“The word sustainability is not being used responsibly always. Couture is the most sustainable part of fashion days,” said Mary Katrantzou.

“We should not be overwhelmed that we have to be 100 percent sustainable. We have to take one step at a time. The first step is to talk about sustainability,” said Prabal Gurung.

4:17 pm IST

Sustainability also about using outfits you have: Manish Malhotra

“I am dong a film called Takht and the whole process is something I am really enjoying. It’s really challenging me and it does stress me out,” said Manish Malhotra.

“Sustainability is also about using the outfits you have,” he said.

4:14 pm IST

We get affected by things happening around us: Prabal Gurung

“We have deep conversations about fashion and things that affect us. At the end of the day, we are humans and we get affected by things happening around us,” said Prabal Gurung.

4:10 pm IST

When Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey wear my dresses, they represent what I stand for: Gurung

“When Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Oprah Winfrey wear my dresses, they represent what I stand for. A celebration of unabashed femininity. There is nothing more unnerving than a woman in full feminine glory to the patriarchy,” said designer Prabal Gurung.

4:07 pm IST

As a woman entrepreneur, you have to have a bold voice: Mary Katrantzou

“As a woman in business, I thought how women make decisions. She has to think over and over again before making decisions. As a woman entrepreneur, you have to have a bold voice,” said Mary Katrantzou.

4:05 pm IST

Can’t keep quiet when women’s rights are under attack: Prabal Gurung

“I never set out to become a feminist. But, I am in business because of women and when their rights are being attacked, I can’t keep quiet,” said Prabal Gurung.

4:01 pm IST

As a designer my job is not to dictate but give options to women: Prabal Gurung

“There are millions of women I would like to dress. When I started out, it was believed if you were an intelligent woman you don’t care about fashion. As a man and designer my job is not to dictate but give options to women,” said Prabal Gurung.

3:57 pm IST

Sustainability has become a hashtag: Manish Malhotra

“Sustainability has become like a hashtag. It is grabbing eyeballs. We have to be conscious for a better tomorrow. We need sustainability, but we also need art,” said Manish Malhotra.

3:57 pm IST

We have to use our platform to make people conscious: Manish Malhotra

“Fashion like movies, like cricket is enjoyed by young to old . So, we need to look into sustainability. We should be aware of our environment. If we have to progress, we have to use our platform to make more and more people conscious,” said Manish Malhotra.

3:53 pm IST

I use fashion as an awareness: Mary Katrantzou

“We have to remember when we are designing it can give someone to be the best version of themselves. Use your platform for good. You have to know why it is important to adopt what is sustainable. We as a community can do practical good. I use fashion as an awareness,” said designer Mary Katrantzou.

3:46 pm IST

Fashion is a visual challenger to status quo: Prabal Gurung

“One think which is plaguing our planet is apathy and injustice. We think about fashion and we think about runway. But, fashion is much more than that. Fashion is a visual challenger to status quo,” said Prabal Gurung.

3:16 pm IST

WHO said nightshifts can increase occurrence of certain cancers: Dr Panda

WHO says nightshifts can increase occurrence of certain cancers. New mothers are shift workers. High school and college students are like having shift work: Dr Satchin Panda.

3:07pm IST

When you sleep better, your food craving goes down: Dr Satchin Panda

People who snore don’t get good sleep, brain gets fuzzy, and the person makes bad food decisions, the sleep deprived brain doesn’t know when to stop. When you sleep better, your food craving goes down. When brain makes better decisions, you eat better food: Dr Satchin Panda

3:02 pm IST

When one eats too much, one loses interest in food: Dr David Ludwig

In studies, where you eat too much, the problem is that people lose interest in food. Focus should be on quality of food, not how much: Dr David Ludwig.

2:52 pm IST

We need research to stop epidemics such as diabetes in india: Dr David Ludwig

We need research to stop epidemics such as diabetes in India. The Indian diet is very heavy in processed carbohydrates. In our lab hundreds of mice were cured of diabetes: Dr David Ludwig

2:50 pm IST

Nutrition isn’t rocket science: Dr David Ludwig

Nutrition isn’t rocket science. Drug development has robust investment, companies might put in a billion dollars, but nutrition has a smaller budget. Confusion exists because nutrition is a step child of science. Hippocrates said let food be your medicine and medicine be your food: Dr David Ludwig

2:40 pm IST

Will make Parliament a better place: Manish Tewari on women representation

“Not giving women enough representation has been a big failure. It will make our parliament a better place,” said Congress leader Manish Tewari on women representation.

2:35 pm IST

BJP’s Ladakh MP on equal gender representation

“While giving tickets, we look at the winnability factor and not at the candidates’ gender or age,” said the BJP’s Ladakh MP on why women are given less representation.

2:34 pm IST

Mahua Moitra on women representation in Parliament

“I make enough noise for 10 people. I am the wrong person to be asked this. I give as good as I get,” said Mahua Moitra on women representation in Parliament.

2:31 pm IST

Out of Parliament, we are all friends: BJP’s Ladakh MP

“There can be differences inside the Parliament, but out of the Parliament, we are all friends,” said the BJP’s Ladakh MP on being friends with other party members. Congress’s Manish Tewari, however, chose to differ and said, “Things changed after 2014. What was there earlier is no more there.”

2:27 pm IST

This is not jungle raj: Mahua Moitra on Telangana encounter

There is a need for speedy justice. Because, justice delayed is justice denied. But, we can’t be okay with this bloodlust. This is not the right thing. This is not jungle raj. This is not the process of law,” said Mahua Moitra on Telangana encounter

2:21 pm IST

This is extra-judicial process: Manish Tewari on Telangana encounter

“This is an extra-judicial process. But, people are getting impatient with legal delays. The faith of ordinary people on law because of this is eroding rapidly. And, if we get okay with these killings, then there will be social sanction for mob lynchings, too,” said Manish Tewari on Telangana encounter.

2:17 pm IST

TMC MP Mahua Moitra on BJP MP’s ‘It’s a country, not a shelter home’ comment

“BJP specialises in these things which tickles people’s basic instincts,” Mahua Moitra on Namgyal’s ‘This is a country, not a shelter home’ comment.

2:11 pm IST

This is a country, not a shelter home: BJP’s Ladakh MP

“Other countries, too, have laws like the CAB. And, people from the opposition side, too, have supported this bill. Because, they want to strengthen this country. After all, we are running a country, not a shelter home,” said Namgyal

2:05 pm IST

CAB is not against Constitution or secularism: BJP’s Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal

“The CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) is not against ethics of the Constitution. Some try to change the demography of this country and we have to stop it.,” said BJP’s Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal.

1:59 pm IST

This is blatantly unconstitutional: Congress leader Manish Tewari on CAB

“This law (CAB) is blatantly unconstitutional. This legislation fails on the first part of constitutionalism. This is violative of Article 14, 15 and 21. They are trying to bring in a law which is absolutely in contradiction to our persecution. We stand with people who are being persecuted in other parts of the world. This is our tradition,” said Congress leader Manish Tewari.

1:37 pm IST

Brute majority can never replace constitutional morality: Mahua Moitra

“Brute majority can never replace constitutional morality,” says Mahua Moitra

12:45 pm IST

No one else, but Rahul Gandhi: Baghel on who can lead Congress

We have a working committee for a century now. They decide on who will be the president. So, I can’t answer this question,” said Amarinder Singh on who should be the president of Congress

“If there is any future leader, it’s Rahul Gandhi. No one else, but Rahul Gandhi.He is honest and takes responsibility. He took responsibility after the Lok Sabha elections and resigned,” said Bhupesh Baghel

12:50 pm IST

Pollution coming from within Delhi: Amarinder Singh

“The pollution hasn’t come from Punjab. It has come from within Delhi or somewhere else,” said Amarinder Singh

12:42 pm IST

It’s a CM’s duty to probe wrong doings: Amarinder Singh

“When you find out something wrong has been found, it’s your duty as the chief minister to probe it. It’s not vendetta politics,” said Amarinder Singh.

“Why hasn’t BJP taken action against any of their own leaders, they only act against opposition leaders,” said Bhupesh Baghel.

12:39 pm IST

Baghel on criticism that Congress not opposing GST hard enough

“The intelligent gets the message. Manmohan Singh held a press conference, Chidambaram held a press conference, spokespersons have been answering. We are going to protest in Delhi, too, come join us,” said Bhupesh Baghel on criticism that Congress not opposing GST hard enough.

12:36 pm IST

Bhupesh Baghel on Sitharaman’s comment on GST compensation

“Sitharaman does not understand about onions, how will she understand economy. They might draw lessons and learn from Manmohan Singh, we have learnt from him,” said Bhupesh Baghel.

12:33 pm IST

Haven’t received GST compensation since August: Amarinder Singh

“Finance Minister Sitharaman doesn’t understand the problem we are facing. Punjab has given the Centre whatever GST collection was made. We haven’t received my GST compensation since August. We can’t keep borrowing to pay salaries,” said Amarinder Singh.

12:31 pm IST

BJP is losing ground everywhere: Chhattisgarh CM

“Our leaders are Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, our policies are clear. We have won bypolls in Chhattisgarh, Rajathan. BJP is losing ground everywhere,” said the Chhattisgarh CM

12:31 pm IST

People still have confidence in the Congress: Amarinder Singh

“Rahul Gandhi took responsibility of Lok Sabha poll results and resigned, Mrs Gandhi came back at the helm.Since the return of Sonia Gandhi as the Congress president, the party is performing better. This indicates that there is a change,” said Amarinder Singh.

“We are performing better now. In Punjab, we won 3 out of 4 bypolls. We won the seat held by the former deputy CM Sukhbir Badal. People still have confidence in the Congress,” he said.

12:25 pm IST

BJP’s descent has begun: Chhattisgarh CM Baghel

“The BJP’s descent has begun, Maharashtra was the turning point. And, it will also reflect in the Jharkhand mandate,” said the Chhattisgarh CM.

12:21 pm IST

Wind blowing against BJP government: Amarinder Singh

“We are in a process of change, the results in Maharashtra is an indication. Let’s see what happens in Jharkhand. If government doesn’t perform, it has to sit in the other side [opposition]. There is feeling of change, a wind is blowing against the central government,” said the Punjab chief minister

12:17 pm IST

BJP wants to finish dissent: Bhupesh Baghel

“BJP has been talking about Article 370 , nationalism. They have been talking about Pulwama. People have their own issues. This time, it’s not going to work in BJP’s favour. BJP’s nationalism is violent nationalism. It’s inspired with Hitler’s ideologies. They don’t have any place for dissent. We respect dissent, they want to finish dissent,” said Bhupesh Baghel.

12:14 pm IST

Not on board on pan-India NRC call: Amarinder Singh

“I there are people living abroad and want to come home, they are welcome. But don’t know what Akalis will say. Why are we asking our people to go, what is the logic? You can’t say you can’t come home. Bangladesh says they don’t want them, what do you do then. I am not on board,” said Amarinder Singh.

12:14 pm IST

Way to deflect from real issues: Baghel on NRC

“On border areas, this could be a problem. A way to deflect attention from real issues,” said the Chhattisgarh chief minister on NRC.

12:12 pm IST

Can’t just ask people to leave country: Amarinder Singh on NRC

“I find that strange. You have subedars, Lt colonels and they are suddenly finding out that they are not Indians. You can’t just ask people to leave country,” said Amarinder Singh on government’s call for pan-India NRC.

12:10 pm IST

Judicial proceedings take time: Baghel on encounters

“Judicial proceedings take time. People forget about it by the time judgments come. In Delhi rape murder case, mercy petition is still going on,” said Bhupesh Baghel.

12:05 pm IST

No such thing as encounters: Amarinder Singh

“There’s no such thing as encounters. When you take action and someone gets killed, they call it an encounter. Do we know whether it was an encounter or just the police is saying that. I am against extra-constitutional killings. But, if you don’t lay down their arms, police have the power to fire back,” said Amarinder Singh.

11:54 am IST

Punjab, Chhattisgarh CMs to speak shortly

Chief minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh and Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel are the next guests on HTLS 2019. The chief ministers will be in conversation with Sunetra Choudhury, National political editor, Hindustan Times.

11:39 am IST

Will be a pleasure to work in India: Michael Douglas

“It will be a joy and pleasure to work in India,” said Michael Douglas.

11:33 am IST

I think Michael should be running for the President: Catherine Zeta-Jones

“There is a bunch of fans who think Michael should be running for the President and I agree,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones.

11:31 am IST

Michael Douglas on Martin Scorsese’s criticism of superhero films

“There has never been a better time in the history of films and television. A TV actor you can see for free, a movie actor you have to pay to watch. There has always been this separation. Streaming is breaking down these barriers. Movies these days have to be an event. It makes it more difficult for the personalised pictures,” said Michael on Scorsese’s criticism of superhero films

11:29 am IST

Michael Douglas on Donald Trump

“He takes the air out of the room. Can we have half an hour where we don’t talk about our president,” said Michael Douglas on Donald Trump.

“It’s a crazy time. There’s a strange populist movement going across the world, specially in our country. But, what is really worrying me is fake news and how facts can be changed. They have discovered speeches of  (former) president Obama that he never gave by using CGI,” he said.

11:20 am IST

Om Shanti Om is my favourite Bollywood movie: Catherine Zeta-Jones

“With Chicago movie, it was a dream come true as I can sing, dance and act on screen,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones

“I should have born in India so I could do Bollywood movies where I can dance, sing and act. Om Shanti Om is one of my favourite films. My kids have been brought up singing the song,” she said.

11:19 am IST

Met Oliver for Wall Street 2, he said he liked Sanjay Dutt: Anil Kapoor

“I met Oliver for Wall Street 2 and showed him my film as I wanted him to cast me in the film. He said he liked the other guy in the film who was Sanjay Dutt,” said Anil Kapoor.

11:15 am IST

Between Catherine, me and Kirk, we have 250 films: Douglas

“Between Catherine, me and Kirk, we have 250 films,” said Michael Douglas.

“I had a rough start with Oliver Stone during Wall Street: He asked me if I am doing drugs because it looks like you have never acted in your life. Oliver wanted a little more nastiness in Gordon Gekko and wanted me to project my anger with him onto the character,” he said.

11:11 am IST

Douglas on his family being ‘ageless’

“My father had a good head of hair. It starts with the hair, it is genetics and you love your work. My father has always worked out. At 103, he has a trainer. Having a wonderful partner like Catherine helps a lot. Idea of retirement doesn’t appeal to me,” said Michael on his family being ‘ageless’

11:09 am IST

Catherine Zeta-Jones on being an outsider

“I had a fearlessness about my ambition. When you grow up, I feel that you lose it as you have more to lose and as a woman it’s difficult. But, I had my ambitions. Noting wrong in being ambitious, specially for a woman. My advice is never lose track of your dreams,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones on being an outsider

11:04 am IST

I wanted my own identity: Michael on living upto family name

“I was a late bloomer. In 60s, you would have called me a hippy. I was in university and didn’t have a major and I decided to take theatre. First time my father saw me in a play, he said ‘Michael you were terrible’. I was always in shadow and people said that you were just like your father. But I wanted my own identity. It came to me when I won Oscar for Wall Street and I felt I stepped out of his shadow,” said actor Michael Douglas on nepotism.

11:03 am IST

Behind closed doors, we are regular people: Catherine on media intrusion

“Michael always says two celebrities make 20, so what we have done with our children is keeping our life as private as possible. When we are behind our closed doors, we are regular people,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones on media intrusion.

11:00 am IST

Catherine Zeta-Jones on her father-in-law

“We received a beautiful vase and inside it was a letter from Kirk Douglas. He had written, Michael you have learnt so well . Always listen to your wife. Kirk is an outrageous flirt and if he wasn’t 103, I would be very, very annoyed,” said Catherine on her father-in-law.

10:58 am IST

‘Happy wife, happy life’: Michael Douglas on secret to happy relationship with Catherine Zeta-Jones

“We both have some birthday, 25 years apart. The first night you meet her, you tell her I am going to be the father of your children. Remind yourself how important the person closest to you is. And finally, Happy wife, happy life,” said actor Michael Douglas on secret to his relationship with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

10:55 am IST

Was lucky enough to marry my best friend: Catherine Zeta-Jones

“We are delighted to be back in India. This is a country which is very close to our heart,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones.

“I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. The secret of our relationship was to being kind to each other and we are best friends,” she said on secret to a long married life.

10:50 am IST

Let it keep coming, I will handle it: FM

“It’s a part of my job. Let it keep coming, I will handle it,” said Nirmala Sitharaman on criticism

10:48 am IST

We need to bring credibility back to govt data: FM

“We need to bring credibility back to the data. We have to work together to making the data available. We will have to work towards better credibility without obstructions,” said FM Sitharaman.

10:46 am IST

The debate should be does the price spike helping the farmers: FM

“Any time there is a spike in any commodity, but does that price advantage get to the farmers. So, the debate should be opposite of what it is now. The debate should be does the price spike helping the farmers,” said the FM.

10:44 am IST

Agriculture has suffered due to want to adequate infra: FM

“Lot of work going on to boost agriculture. It is being done through various ways. But, agriculture has suffered due to want of adequate infrastructure. Some need air conditioning, some don’t. I have been to meeting where infra and storage has been taken up,” said Sitharaman.

10:42 am IST

Want to assure homebuyers their demands are being fulfilled: FM

“We want to assure the homebuyers, who are thinking that they are left into the lurch, that their demands are being fulfilled,”said Sitharaman.

10:40 am IST

Wish doubts in the people’s minds after IL&FS are removed: FM

“We are attending to NBFCs. I wish the doubts in the minds of the people after IL&FS are removed,” said the FM.

10:38 am IST

PSBs do not have expertise for long-term infrastructure lending

“The PSBs do not have the expertise for long-term infrastructure lending. But, many of them did that. NBFCs were carrying on with commercial banks’ job. We wended up with asset liability mismatch. NBFCs went on a spree of lending.I am glad the PM made it clear that we will not question genuine business decisions,” said the FM.

10:36 am IST

Don’t want anyone to fall off the cliff: FM on NBFCs

“Post the budget, I had sessions with quite a few NBFCs. RBI is monitoring the health of these NBFCs. I don’t want anyone to fall off the cliff. So, we are watching them but we are not intervening in their work. We are making sure that funds reach to them,” said the FM.

10:34 am IST

Economists telling us to pause fiscal discipline and move towards more stimulus: FM

“Fiscal discipline is a law. I have to obey the act. I have to go by the glidepath given to me from 2014 if not 2004. The learned economists are telling us that we have to pause the fiscal discipline and move towards more fiscal stimulus,” said the finance minister

10:29 am IST

Cess collected was inadequate to compensate the states: FM

“In the last GST collection, the cess fund wasn’t adequate so the states didn’t get the 14% compensation. When we collect the required cess, we will honour the compensation rate,” said Sitharaman.

10:28 am IST

I assure that we shall have a streamlined GST: FM

“I can only give a confidence that we shall have a streamlined GST and address the issue for the assessee,” said Sitharaman.

10:24 am IST

To reduce more taxes, original GST framework got distorted: FM

“In enthusiasm to reduce more taxes,credit became minuscule and the framework originally agreed upon on phase one of GST got distorted,” said the finance minister.

10:22 am IST

GST is a good law, required for a large country like India: FM

“GST is a good law and is required for a large country like India. So, It was only right and timely that we get the GST law,” said the finance minister Sitharaman.

“It was the personality of Arun Jaitley and PM Modi that got the states together for GST,” she said.

10:19 am IST

Taxation regime will be simplified, exemption free: FM

“From now on, the taxation regime will be simplified, exemption free. We are moving towards a more simplified and harassment-free taxation regime,” said the finance minister

10:17 am IST

Sitharaman on what can be done to boost consumer confidence

“I ask that question all the time. I do not want to think what I have done is enough. I want to know it from others. That question cannot be alone addressed by me,” said the FM on what can be done to boost consumer confidence.

10:13 am IST

Tax rate cut is one among the many things we are thinking: FM

“Tax rate cut is one among the many things we are thinking to boost stimulus,” said FM Sitharaman.

10:12 am IST

This 4.5 (GDP numbers) relates to July-Aug-Sept: FM

“This 4.5 (GDP numbers) relates to July-Aug-Sept. I don’t want to underplay the role of private banks. Nearly 5 lakh crores have been distributed to those who want to take the credit and this has happened in 400 districts of the country. Means money reaching for consumption purposes. The other way is Direct benefit transfer,” said the Finance Minister on demand from industry for fiscul stimulus.

10:08 am IST

Nirmala Sitharaman on slowing growth

On slowing growth, Nirmala Sitharaman says my attention is to make sure more is done for greater stimulus.

10:06 am IST

Rs 100 lakh crores for the next 5 years: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

“The vision is Rs 100 lakh crores for the next 5 years. It’s a broader picture,” said FM Nirmala Sitharaman

10:02 am IST

Govt’s vision is what it means to an ordinary citizen: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

“The vision of the government translates into several things , like every citizen has a home, every family has a toilet, every citizen is healthy. The vision is what it means to an ordinary citizen,” said FM Nirmala Sitharaman

“The govt’s vision is homes, energy and skills,” she said.

10:00 am IST

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at HTLS 2019

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is in conversation with R Sukumar, Editor-in-chief, Hindustan Times.

9:52 am IST

HTLS 2019 Day 2 Speakers

The 17th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 will see riveting discussions by political leaders, actors, fashion designers, among others.

Here’s the list of speakers on Day 2:

1) FM Nirmala Sitharaman

2) Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones

3) Capt. Amarinder Singh, Bhupesh Baghel

4) Mahua Moitra, Manish Tewari, Jamyang Namgyal

5) Dr. David Ludwig, Dr. Satchin Panda

6) Prabal Gurung, Mary Katrantzou, Manish Malhotra

7) Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

9: 40 am IST

Had to ramp up security outside offices: Zomato CEO on delivery boy’s religion row

The HTLS Day 1 saw Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal said he had to ramp up security across his offices after a row over delivery partner’s religion.

“This wasn’t the first time that we have taken a stand for what we believe in. But, this was the hardest stand that we had to take. There were bigger issues offline. We had to ramp up security outside across our offices,” said Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal.

9:38 am IST

Akshay Kumar says he has applied for Indian passport

Actor Akshay Kumar, speaking at the 17th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, confirmed he has applied for an Indian passport.

“I have now applied for the passport. I am an Indian and it hurts me that I am asked to prove that every time. My wife, my children are Indian. I pay my taxes here and my life is here,” Akshay said.

9:30 am IST

Will have to shut Vodafone Idea if no govt relief: KM Birla

Aditya Birla Group chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla sounded a stark warning on Day 1 of HTLS 2019, saying the Vodafone Idea Limited would have to shut shop if no relief is forthcoming from the government to soften the blow from a Supreme Court verdict that it pay the department of telecommunications Rs 40,000 crore in three months.

9:25 am IST

Banking crisis over, take decisions fearlessly: PM Modi

PM Modi, delivering the inaugural address on Day 1 of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019, declared that India’s banking sector has emerged from the crisis of the past. He sent out a message to all banking employees to take “genuine business decisions” without fear.

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