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Assembly elections highlights: Defaulters won’t be spared, will bring them back, says PM Modi

As the last leg of campaign for the upcoming Assembly elections 2018 kicks off, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress party sound the poll bugle in different states.

By HT Correspondent | Dec 04, 2018 20:52 IST

As the last leg of campaign for the upcoming Assembly elections 2018 kicks off, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress party, along with its allies in the Opposition, sound the poll bugle in different states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath among others held rallies across the country as they gear up for the assembly polls 2018.


6:20 pm IST

Come what may, don’t let Congress enter Rajasthan: PM Mod

“The states which saw the true face of the Congress, won’t ever allow them to enter their state again. The country doesn’t accept Congress’ casteism, appeasement and vote bank politics. Come what may, don’t let Congress enter Rajasthan. This is your state, don’t let anyone destroy it,” said PM Modi.

6:10 pm IST

Defaulters will not be spared: PM Modi

“The Congress acquired thousands of acres of land from farmers and then gave it away to one of their relatives. They looted the banks. When I came to power, they started to flee. Whoever has looted my country, I will bring them back , they won’t be spared,” said PM Modi.

6:07 pm IST

Congress ruined the banks: PM Modi

“Congress ruined the banks. They got loans for their cronies cleared by making just a telephone call,” alleged PM Modi.

6:01 pm IST

I challenge Congress to debate with me on real issues: PM Modi

“The Congress party is just concerned about Modi’s caste, Modi’s father’s name and Modi’s mother. What has happened to the Congress? I challenge them to debate with me on real issues,” said PM Modi.

5:57 pm IST

People will vote for us because they want development: PM Modi

“Congress’ blunders aren’t the only reason why the people will vote for us. They will vote for us because they want development ,” said PM Modi

5:49 pm IST

Don’t vote for promises, vote for our work: PM Modi

“Don’t work for any poll promises, but evaluate us on the work we did in Rajasthan. When you will evaluate us on that parameter, you will see that this government (BJP govt) has achieved its aim of development for all,” said PM Modi.

5:47 pm IST

It’s BJP’s fours years vs Congress’ 65 years: PM Modi

“What Vasundhara Raje government did in 4 years, Congress did in 5-6 decades. Now, it’s our (BJP) four years vs Congress’ 65 years. The Raje government built 11 medical college in Jaipur in 4 years, whereas Congress took decades to build 11 medical colleges,” said PM Modi while addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Jaipur.

5:40 pm IST

Your vote will decide what kind of future you foresee for your children: PM Modi

“Your vote will decide what kind of future you want to give your children. And, what will be the basis of this decision? Whenever we choose a government, we go for one, which alleviates our problems and troubles. It is the govt’s responsibility to develop facilities that make the common man’s life easier,” said PM Mod

5:39 pm IST

PM Modi addresses public rally in Jaipur

PM Modi is addressing a public rally in Jaipur.

Rajasthan goes to poll on December 7.

5:28 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi responds to PM Modi over ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ jibe

“Today, PM Modi spoke about how I am targeting him for his ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ chant at every poll rally. But, I am talking about Rafale also at every poll rally, why did he never mention that?”questioned Rahul Gandhi

5:25 pm IST

Why did youths commit suicide if Centre provided them with jobs: Rahul Gandhi

“Why did youths commit suicide if the Centre provided them with jobs. Why are the farmers committing suicide if the Centre gave them fair price for their produce?,” questioned Rahul Gandhi

5:23 pm IST

“If elected to power, Congress will waive off farm loans within 10 days: Rahul Gandhi

“If elected to power, Congress govt will waive off farm loans within 10 days,” said Rahul Gandhi.

5:18 pm IST

What does ‘Bharat Mata’ mean to you? (PM Modi): Rahul Gandhi

“Whenever the PM addressed the people, he made them chant ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’, but did anyone know what it meant? “Farmers, youth, women and labourers are our ‘Bharat Mata’. In every speech Mr. Modi says ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, but in reality, he works for Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Anil Ambani,” Rahul said. He said that the PM should refrain from beginning his rallies with “Bharat Mata ki jai”.

5:12 pm IST

PM didn’t keep his poll promises: Rahul Gandhi

“PM Modi didn’t keep any of his poll promises, said Rahul Gandhi. Nowadays, whenever he speaks, he doesn’t speak about unemployment or corruption or farmers, said Rahul Gandhi.

5:10 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is addressing a public rally in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu.

Rajasthan goes to polls on December 7.

3:53 pm IST

Congress is at root of every problem: PM Modi

“The people of this country now know the true face of the Congress party. Don’t let the Congress enter Rajasthan. The Congress is at the root of every issue in this country,” said PM Modi.

3:49 pm IST

Congress looted, ruined banks: PM Modi

“The naamdar party got the banks lend loan to a shell company in the name of a steal company, which eventually benefitted one of the relatives of this party. The Congress looted the banks and destroyed them. The Congress ruined the banks. They got loans for their cronies cleared by making just a telephone call,” claimed PM Modi

03:45 pm IST

Congress leaders are in jail, serving time: PM Modi

I asked, why Congress never issues the criminal charges filed against their leaders? Many Congress leaders have been arrested on the charges of corruption, money laundering, and rape. They are still behind the bar, serving their time.

03:35 pm IST

Congress leader had called Army chief a ‘sadak-chhap goonda’: PM Modi

Earlier, some Congress leader had called Army chief a ‘sadak-chhaap goonda’. They have no respect for our soldiers. I ask you, would you ever place your trust in such a party?

03:30 pm IST

Congress had no file ‘one rank, one pension’, took me two years to get it on paper: PM Modi

Congress party is indifferent to the struggle of our officers. In 2014, everything changed. You led the BJP to victory and allowed me to serve you. When I opened the files, there was no record of ‘one rank one pension’. It took me two years to get it on paper and functioning.

03: 23 pm IST

Naamdar asked for videos as a proof of surgical strike: PM Modi

This land is a land of warriors, of fighters. And this naamdar party, they disrespect our warriors, our army. When the surgical strike happened, they were unhappy. Their faces had lost all the colours. Though the naamdar sat in Congress office, questioned the surgical strike, asked her for videos, proof but you had faith in us.

03:20 pm IST

They spent a lot of money trying to create an air about BJP losing in Rajasthan: PM Modi

Those sitting in Delhi, did nothing when it came to Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, but when it came to Rajasthan, they tried to create an air about BJP losing. They spent a lot of money on it, too. But the people of Rajasthan know better.

03:13 pm IST

Naamdar of Congress has issued fatwa to not say ‘Bharat mata ki jai’: PM Modi

PM Modi starts his speech by making the crowd chant ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ after him for several minutes before he says, “Being a party chief, your fatwa to ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ is a shame on the great history of Congress. This naamdar of Congress, why is he opposing, restricting our youth from chanting ‘Bharat mata ki jai’? It’s a matter of pride, emotions to say this out loud. So say it out loud! The strength reflects in our country’s progress, in the surgical strikes and this naamdar is against this?

03:08 pm IST

PM Modi starts his speech in Sikar

By chanting ‘Bharat mata ki jai, Bharat mata ki jai’, Narendra Modi started his speech in Sikar.

03:05 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi ends his speech

Congress chief ends his speech Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu.

03:00 pm IST

Mothers stood in queues, while the corrupt sat inside in AC rooms: Rahul Gandhi on demonetisation

The mothers standing here, have you forgotten how Modi made you stand in rows during demonetisation?

You stood in the bank, outside ATMs but did you see Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, the corrupts standing outside? No, they were sitting inside, in an AC room, turning their black money into white.

02:55 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at ‘Achhe din ayenge’ slogan

Modi’s famous slogan used to be ‘achhe din ayenge’, they then came in power and now the slogan that people use for him is ‘chowkidaar chor hai’.

02: 50 pm IST

By asking Hollande to give the Rafale deal to Ambani, PM Modi told the world that ‘chowkidaar chor hai’: Rahul Gandhi

Have you heard of Hollande? Ex France president Hollande revealed how PM Modi had asked him to give the Rafale deal to Reliance. He asked Hollande to give the 60,000 crore deal to Anil Ambani, said the fighting jets will be built in France. With this, Modi proved to the world that ‘chowkidaar chor hai’.

02: 48 pm IST

Modi took 30,000 crore from your pocket and gave it to Anil Ambani: Rahul Gandhi

Anil Ambani has never made a plane in his entire life. I am sure, if you ask him to make a paper plane, he will fail at that. 10 days before, Ambani launches a company and Modi gives him the Rafale deal. Narendra Modi has taken 30,000 crore from your pocket and handed it to Ambani.

02: 45 pm IST

If Modi government fulfilled their promise, why did 4 men commit suicide: Rahul Gandhi

If Modi government, Vasundhara government did fulfil the promise of providing employment, then why did the 4 men commit suicide in Alwar? Answer this. Address this issue in your speeches.

02: 40 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi addresses public gathering in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi begins his public gathering in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu.

01: 25 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi ends his speech in Alwar

Rahul Gandhi concluded his speech in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Stills from Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s Alwar campaign:

01: 20 pm IST

Where are the jobs: Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi promised jobs to 2 crore youths every day. If employment was given, why did 4 men commit suicide in Alwar? There is no future in Vasundhara, Modi government. The youth is committing suicide because they see no future.

01:15 pm IST

Modi sarkar stole the benefits: Rahul Gandhi

When the Congress was in power, the gas cylinder cost Rs 360? What is the current price in the BJP’s rule? When Modi ji brags about cooking gas, fuel prices, he never mentions the prices the Congress government had during the rule. Why will he? After all, he stole those benefits from you.

01:10 pm IST

Rich people made Modi the prime minister: Rahul Gandhi

Who made Modi ji’s sarkar? The big billionaires. Modi was made the prime minister with the help of big billionaires. The rich people made him the PM, people with money.

01:05 pm IST

Rename welfare yojanas to Nirav Modi yojana, Ambani yojanas

Modi never speaks on Rafale, on corruption, on black money. Because the minute he utters a word, the crowd yells “chowkidaar chor hai”. Talking about welfare, what has he actually done? All the money went to the corrupts. Your money went to the corrupts. The people who looted the country and fled. So, rename welfare yojanas to Nirav Modi yojana, Ambani yojanas.

01:00 pm IST

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addresses crowd in Alwar, Rajasthan

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, without sparing a minute, started his speech by targeting PM Modi.

12:55 pm IST

Congress president Rahul Gandhi begins his speech in Alwar

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi begings his campaign speech in Rajasthan’s Alwar.

12: 30 pm IST

PM Modi ends his campaign speech in Hanumangarh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ends his campaign speech in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh.

12: 26 pm IST

Did I rob the farmers, asks PM Modi

Were the houses made of gold? Did the farmers ever go out on vacations? So did the Modi come and rob them? Did I take their houses away from them? Did I take their money? Congress is full of lies. It just how to lie and act on those lies. How can kishan bhai believe Congress? How can farmers show faith in them?

12:22 pm IST

Naamdar doesn’t know cost of chilli: PM Modi

The Congress cleverly cheated farmers and this Naamdar, if someone tells him that the farmer gets different cost price for green chilli and red, he will go ahead and conduct a rally, speak on it for hours. How? When Naamdar has no idea of aloo or mirchi or farming.

12:18 pm IST

Who gave Pakistan a fitting reply: PM Modi

Surgical strike gave a fitting reply to Pakistan. It showed Indian Army’s strength. I ask, who gave Pakistan a fitting reply?:?PM Modi asked as the crowd cheered “Modi, Modi”. “That’s where you are wrong. Modi didn’t do it. Your power of vote did,” he adds as the crowd cheers and applauds.

12:15 pm IST

You voted for BJP, without you, Kartarpur corridor would not have opened: PM Modi

But the power to bring this change does not come from me, it came from you. If you wouldn’t have voted for us, Kartarpur corridorwould have not been open to us.

12:07 pm IST

It was BJP that got access to Kartarpur: PM Modi

This reflects how Congress did not think through in their quest for power. They gave away pure place of Guru Nanak. For 70 years, the Congress spoke a lot about various things but did nothing about this. It was when during our government that we got access to Kartarpur.

11:58 am IST

Politics can lure us: PM Modi

Today, be it in Hanumangarh or any other place, I feel very happy. I am proud of this Guruparampara. We can understand how politics can lure us, but when we lose our mental stability in the craze for power, we can see what all has taken place in the past because of that...they were so lost in the quest for power that they didn’t see what all happened. The Muslims wanted a different nation,...division took place but the kind of blunders made during parittion, we are still suffering because of that. The gurudwara also went to Pak because of that.

11:50 am IST

Proud of 6 daughters of Make in India project: PM Modi

6 women left the country in a small Make in India ship, travelled the world and came back. Who wouldn’t be proud of these 6 daughters?

11:42 am IST

India, country that talks of brave acts but then forgets: PM Modi

In our country, such things are talked about for a while and then forgotten. The brave acts that take place in our society should be remembered every day.

11:35 am IST

Rajasthan, land where water is out of bounds: PM Modi

Today is Bharatiya nawsena diwas. Here in Rajasthan, where water is out of bounds, people who have the will to change have shown what kind of miracles can happen. I salute this land.

11:30 AM IST

PM Modi kicks off election rally in Rajasthan

PM Modi kicked off election rally for BJP in poll bound Rajasthan. Addressing a huge gathering in Hanumangarh, PM Modi greeted everyone on Navy day. He said, “On the occasion of Navy Day, I send my greetings to our valorous Navy personnel from this land of bravery.”