A Mediterranean delight

Sea food, pita bread, hummus, falafel, mint and olives can only mean one thing - exotic food from an exotic land. Fez serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Raisa Daimary reports.

india Updated: Jul 28, 2010 14:25 IST
Raisa Daimary
Raisa Daimary
Hindustan Times

Fez is slightly difficult to find, tucked somewhere inside the Malcha Marg shopping complex in the capital. But it is a little haven worth finding, despite all the trouble - a treat for all five senses. The music makes you half expect some dancers to pop out from somewhere shimmying and belly-dancing. The pale walls are beautifully lit and decorated with typical Mediterranean metal and terracotta ware. From the high ceiling hang chandeliers of sizes and colours that add well to the ambience. The décor has been done with pieces imported from Mediterranean countries like Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

The Fez specialties like the fez lemonade is very refreshing or the Moroccan tea made in the typical way served in beautiful glasses that are very obviously Moroccan, have mint as their main ingredient. Here you get to sit back and relax while you enjoy a kebab or a kebap while sucking at your hookah.

The dishes are mostly authentic but the chicken or lamb Tajine served in the Moroccan clay pot called Tajine is a must. The dish is served along with pita bread or saffron rice garnished with olives, coriander leaves and olive oil. The tangy pickles only enhance the taste. If you're worried about your weight you can find comfort in the fact that they try to cook most of the food in olive oil.

Another thing that is a must at Fez is the wine and cheese platter that gives you, choice of wine and an assortment of cheese accompanied with walnuts, grapes and crackers at a very reasonable rate. In fact all the dishes are priced reasonably… this is a place that you leave with a contended stomach and a happy wallet.

First Published: Jul 27, 2010 18:41 IST