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Achieving that inner peace

In times of extreme tribulation we receive divine help in mysterious ways.

india Updated: Jun 01, 2006 14:11 IST

At times life can be very difficult. Having worked as police officer for 12 years, in 1999 I suddenly found myself in an extremely trying situation. Some adverse media reports, enquiries, court cases, supercession and many other things: the agony seemed endless for me and my family.

I had heard that in times of extreme tribulation we receive divine help in mysterious ways. In the wilderness that was my life then, I took up the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.

His references to the Bhagavad Gita made me involuntarily turn to the sacred scripture. Sometime in the year 2000, a senior recommended a particular edition of the Gita that suited my requirements and my unending love for the sacred song of 700 verses began.

Initially it was just a diversion to find meaning in life. A threeyear posting to one of the North-eastern states with lots of spare time made me immerse myself in this source of eternal wisdom and joy. Soon it became an obsession. Not only did I try to understand its meaning and absorb its wisdom, I began memorising its verses. The beauty of its poetry and its teachings changed my entire perspective on life.

While earlier, occasional movies, light music, quality food and traveling were some of my interests, the Gita made me realise that there is a bigger purpose to life beyond "good times".

Soon there was an inner peace that I had never known before. There was an abiding realisation that my previous 37 years of life had been wasted on trivialities.

The Gita gave a new meaning to the aim of life, the nature of actions, the way to do things and so much more. I now thank the difficult times, which resulted in this awareness. One unexpected side-benefit was good health. A couple of months ago when my department sent forty-plus officers for a routine health check to a premier Delhi institute, the consultant was surprised by my test results and fit state. I sensed his unspoken curiosity. And I wanted to tell everyone.

First Published: Jun 01, 2006 14:11 IST