Adam Bedi shocked during auditions
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Adam Bedi shocked during auditions

In a tete a tete with Anita Seth, the model spills the beans on his experience at IFW?

india Updated: Apr 01, 2006 20:12 IST
Anita Seth

His last name is his strong identity and he needs no introduction. He's Adam Bedi, who has walked the international ramp at Milan Fashion Week 05 and now takes the plunge to grace IFW ramp this year in Delhi. In a tete a tete with Anita Seth, he spills the beans on his first hand experience with IFW and the revelation that came his way…

How different is Milan Fashion Week from an Indian Fashion Week?
Since Milan Fashion Week is an international event, you have a mix of people participating from all over the world. It's also very well organised and structured. This will be my first fashion week in India; so there is nothing that I can comment on.

What is the conspicuous difference in being a model abroad and being one in India?
In India any one can be a model, all you need is a good portfolio. Whereas abroad you need to first sign up with an authentic agency. The agency then starts looking out for some good work for you.

Elaborate on your first hand experience at IFW….
I was taken by surprise during the auditions. There were nearly 500 people, who had turned up! Interestingly, apart from a few well-known models, I did not see any established models nor any recognised faces.

This was quite a shock as one could see that anybody and everybody had gathered to make it for the fashion week. This is strange because the fashion week is not a regular everyday event, but a prominent one where all fashion connoisseurs get together.

You're bolt from the blue moment on/off the ramp….
I was the only male model with 16 female models for a Bacardi and Gautam Kapoor show. One sequence was planned such that I would walk past three models and take a shot of Bacardi from each of them.

The surprise element was something I was unaware off! As I walked pass by the first model, she raised the Bacardi bottle to my head to spill it on me. Accidentally, I raised my head to see what was she up to and lo! the Bacardi fell right into my eyes and I nearly turned blind for a few seconds.

I walked towards the second model and told her I couldn't see anything as the drink had gone in my eyes! She managed the show and escorted me to the third model, who led me back without anyone realising what had happened!

First Published: Apr 01, 2006 10:09 IST