Another Madhya Pradesh girl sold for Rs 30,000

The matter however came to light when the girl gave her buyer the slip and reached a police station on Thursday.

india Updated: Jun 02, 2006 20:14 IST

A girl in her 20s was sold for Rs 30,000 to a man by her neighbour who, Madhya Pradesh Police suspect, is involved in the flesh trade.

Ranu Jharia, daughter of Sivni district resident Godan Jharia had gone out with her neighbour to Vidisha district and was allegedly sold to a man called Chandresh Bairagi about a month ago.

"The matter however came to light when she gave her buyer the slip and reached a police station on Thursday," police said.

Ranu ran away to a village called Sungaiyan in the district of Guna where she narrated her condition to one Ramchandra who brought her to the police station, according to police.

She told the police that she had gone for an outing to Vidisha with her neighbour Shyam Yadav and his wife Munnibai.

"They then sold me to Chandresh for Rs 30,000 over a month ago. I was held captive in their house and was not allowed to go out except for answering nature's call. I somehow sneaked out and reached the police station," Ranu said.

Kamal Bairagi, Chandresh's father, however, told the police that his son had married Ranu. He also showed an agreement to this effect and told the police that he paid Rs 30,000 to the girl's father after the marriage was solemnised.

But police suspect that Shyam Yadav and his wife are involved in flesh trade and lure young girls away from their village.

Ranu has been sent back to her parents while police are investigating the matter.

This is the second case of a girl being sold in rural Madhya Pradesh in recent days. Earlier, a 12-year-old girl who had been sent to her relatives for studies in a village in Bhopal ended up being sold for Rs 33,000.

First Published: Jun 02, 2006 20:14 IST