Fortuitous designer who believes "God lies in details." Meis Van Der Rohe Meet the believer. In the world of 'make do' young NIFT alumnus Ashish Pandey stands out as the 'faithful' who believes his 'karma' lies in painstaking perfection.

india Updated: Sep 02, 2006 10:47 IST

Fortuitous designer who believes "God lies in details." In the world of 'make do' young NIFT alumnus Ashish Pandey stands out as the 'faithful' who believes his 'karma' lies in painstaking perfection.

Dedicated to exquisite work, Ashish pays a tribute to magnificent detailing and quality, variety in design, texture and fabric, which flourished under the discerning patronage of royalty. Ashish's forte lies in the fact that he does not believe in diluting the proven. He is among the torchbearers whose work catalogues the priceless magnificence of delicate Indian embroidery. Most of the needlepoint is done with silk thread or resham and for texture and dimension, he turns to beads and metal. To give his work the flexibility styles of contemporary styles, he does not find himself touching a little nylon or polyester thread. However, his loyalty to the Jaipur "gharana" of couture is so set that there are veritably little sequins and certainly no dabka or moskhaish.

His glorious collection of pure brocades and woven jacquards on occasions – based dressings - short kurts, shararas, ghagaras and saris - whisk you away to the magical, lost grandeur of an era which was famed worldwide for it's splendor. For that touch of the delicate and the sheer, he turns to georgette and sometimes, crepe. And when Ashish Pandey feels the need for a little touch of drama, he gives in to his passion for experimental dressing which manifests itself in costumes for product launches.

Ashish makes a canny prediction of colors too. Although his eternal favorites are the jewel hues of fuchsia pink, turquoise and a blowing flame teamed with neutrals, he varies them according to trends. Very much a product of his times, Ashish Pandey has the right credentials for both the classic and prêt- a –porter line blessed as he is with a blend of modernity and respect for tradition since he did his schooling from St. Zavier's, Jaipur. And so, he finds himself just as at ease with the western look, with a comprehensive array of garments for the modern Indian woman, who is at one with tradition. His prêt line, most of which is made up of short skirts, embroidered kurtis, jacket look shirts to team with trousers and skirts, includes denim, lycra, jewel colors in raw silk and happy-hued synthetic brocade. The casuals are made for the today woman who can be comfortable in them at work and thereafter, as she lives the evening up.

Ashish retails through Ogaan and Ensemble in Delhi, Designer Studio, Kimaya and Vama in Mumbai, RCKC, London and Aesthetics, Dubai.

Whatever he does, Ashish Pandey's personal attention to every garment blesses his creations with a personality which is unmistakable. A personality which reflects in the label he lends his name to.

First Published: Aug 25, 2006 17:05 IST