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Alternate therapist Soniya Bhagiya uses a different kind of healing to solve problems. Read on to know how...

india Updated: Dec 30, 2008 16:58 IST
Hindustan Times

Pallavi was a young and beautiful married girl. But she was unhappy. She worked late hours but could never complete her work on time. Her boss was upset with her. She also felt very tired at the end of the day. This affected her marital life. It reached a point where her husband stopped taking an interest in her. Earlier, the two always discussed everything that happened during the day, over dinner.

I used a combination of hypnotherapy, past life regression and healing. This is referred to as the integrated approach of healing. I asked her a few questions about her childhood. I gauged that she had a very traumatic childhood. Her parents were divorced. Her father had remarried. Her mother was a very self-centred woman. Pallavi was deprived of love. So she always looked for it in her extended family, particularly from an aunt, whom she looked up to. But her aunt always tried to push her away.

Lasting impression
Once, her mother got her a new dress on her fifth birthday. She was excited and wanted to show it off to her favourite aunt. She expected a hug and a compliment that she was looking cute.

But the opposite happened. Her aunt just walked away, dragging her young daughter with her. Pallavi didn’t realise then that her aunt was jealous and angry. However, the incident created a lasting impression on her young mind. She felt that rich and successful people were not nice.

Trapped child
While giving her therapy, I realised that the real problem lay in her belief system (because of her childhood experience with her aunt). It was more important for Pallavi to be a good person rather than a successful one. This made her very lackadaisical in office. This proved to be a hurdle in her growth and progress in the company. I made her go through a hypnotherapy session to release the unhappy child trapped inside. This led her to discard her childhood beliefs. Now she’s doing well. She has been promoted to a senior level in her company. Her husband and she are planning a baby.