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Best expectations

Shreyas Talpade tells Nilufer Qureshi that a commercial film like Om Shanti Om does get you lot of exposure.
None | By Nilufer Qureshi, Mumbai
UPDATED ON OCT 29, 2007 08:23 PM IST

Are you nervous about Om Shanti Om?
I'm enjoying the moment. If the film does well, log sar pe chadha lenge. My thoughts are only positive. Honestly, when I signed the film, I knew it would be talked about because of Shah Rukh Khan... and Farah Khan. But I didn't expect it to be this huge.

What are your own expectations from the film?
I'm expecting the best.

What was you equation with Shah Rukh Khan?
I had met Shah Rukh before shooting for the film. He made me feel very comfortable. But before giving the first shot, I actually got very nervous. I wanted to make a few suggestions.

But I didn't know if it would go down well. If it didn't, then it would have made things uncomfortable for the rest of the shoot. With some hesitation, I told Shah Rukh about my idea and he was very open to it.

You prefer doing a commercial film or art house cinema?
A movie is a movie. It doesn't matter whether it's art house or commercial. Of course, a commercial film gets you lot of exposure and has lot of grandeur.

What made you do a film like Dil Dosti Etc?
After Iqbal, the offers I got were films on sports or roles of a village boy. When Manish Tiwary came to me with the script, I liked my role. I knew Prakash Jha's production banner was good.. and that they wouldn't make the film look vulgar. Youngsters have liked the film.

How come you're producing a Marathi film now?
Actually Mr Subhash Ghai told me, "Why don't you producer a Marathi film? And I will present it." I wasn't ready. He advised me, "When opportunity comes knocking, accept it." I did just that. With Mr Ghai's infrastructure and promotion, I knew I would be safe. If other big banners also followed this route, the scenario for Marathi cinema would alter completely.

Were you disappointed when Nagesh Kukunoor didn't repeat you in Aashayein?
Nagesh and I are doing Bombay to Bangkok. As for Aashayein, Nagesh wanted an older guy for the role. He spoke to me about it.

I can never ever get upset with Nagesh. I'm here because of him. Of course, jokingly I keep pressurising him to cast me again and in every film he does.

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