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Bollywood? No thanks!

Yuvraj Singh rubbishes rumours of his father producing a film with him in the lead. Read on for more...
Hindustan Times | By Serena Menon, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 05, 2010 01:25 PM IST

Yuvraj Singh’s philosophy in life: ‘Live and let live.’ In response to the flak he received for his on-field performance recently, the cricketer says, “In this country, we can get a little extreme. When you are doing well, everything is great. But if you are going through a low phase, they want to take you down. No one remembers that I had some four injuries before the IPL and I had not played for six months before that.”

Singh, who feels that “people have a problem with his lifestyle,” believes everyone deserves their personal time and space. “If anything goes wrong, people begin to connect that to my life outside. My priority has always been cricket,” he asserts. “I’ve always been passionate about the game, but it’s a little different when you’re playing for Team India with the kind of pressure at times,” adds Singh.

Currently in no man’s land, in context to the Indian Premiere League (IPL), Singh is waiting for the new rules of the game to be laid out. Meanwhile, to be ready when they do, he has taken the first step towards good health by endorsing a Nature’s Basket soya-based product called Fry. But that does not mean he is vegetarian. “We burn a lot of muscle on the field so we need a lot of protein. It’s tough to be vegetarian and it’s great, but I can’t be one,” he laughs.

Singh is happy not knowing what he’d do post his cricket career, but Bollywood is not an option. Denying all news reports of his father producing a film with him in the lead, Singh says: “I have absolutely no interest in Bollywood. You will get to see Yuvraj Singh only on the field, for now.”

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