Budhia needs a break, now

Undernourished, anemic, under cardiological stress ? the burden of breaking records is taking its toll on Budhia Singh.

india Updated: May 08, 2006 01:24 IST

Undernourished, anemic, under cardiological stress — the burden of breaking records is taking its toll on Budhia Singh. The report submitted to the Child Welfare Committee by the medical board which examined Budhia on May 5 has been accessed by the Hindustan Times and the verdict is clear --- spare this child. And if that were not enough, the board has recommended a dope test, besides several others, on the wonder child.

The report says, "Master Budhia Singh, male, stated to be four years of age, clinically appeared undernourished with anaemia and angular stomatitis. His pulse and blood pressure were on the higher side…It is evident that the boy's protein catabolism is more and he is under cardiological stress probably resulting from long distance running. If the boy continues to run for long distance, it may aggravate the condition, may even result in renal failure as suggested in serum urea and K+ profile".

A more elaborate opinion can be given only after more tests — MRI of wrist joint, elbow joint, lumber sacral (LS) spine, both knee, ankle joints…ultrasonography of whole abdomen, Karyo typing, dope testing , a renal scan --- are conducted, the board said. "A linear anteroposterior translucent line is visible in body of L4 vertebra in X-ray of Lumber Sacral (LS) spine. An MRI of LS spine is being suggested to rule out any possibility of stress fracture", the report said.

The doctors have also recommended further "physiological assessment" of the child at Sports Authority of India, Kolkata. R.S. Mishra, chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee said, "We are insisting on a dope test and plan to request the Sports Authority of India to conduct it at the earliest."

Steroids or other drugs cannot enhance performance in marathons, scientific officer (sports medicine) of Sports Authority of India Dr Manavendra Bhattacharya, who was on the board, said. “But the commitee wanted a report from us on whether Budhia has taken any steroid or banned substances. The board has therefore suggested dope testing along with a number tests,” he said.

The report has concluded saying, "The medical board suggests that Master Budhia Singh may undergo training (the nature of which may be conclusively decided after all investigation reports are available) under a qualified athletic coach and at a recognized sports institution or organization. The board also recommends that his health should be monitored regularly".

It’s time to take a break, kid.

First Published: May 08, 2006 01:24 IST