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Build it piece by peace

Sonia Jabbar’s article Politics of pilgrimage (June 30) contained an interesting fact that the Amarnath cave was discovered by a Muslim shepherd.
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UPDATED ON JUL 01, 2008 11:40 PM IST

Build it piece by peace

Sonia Jabbar’s article Politics of pilgrimage (June 30) contained an interesting fact that the Amarnath cave was discovered by a Muslim shepherd. That goes to show how incredulous, at one level, religious differences are. It is time the political parties join hands and help stop the agitation over the shrine. This land transfer issue has brought back disturbances back to the Valley. So we would all hope that it gets resolved as soon as possible and peace gets its rightful place back in the beautiful Valley.

Anupam Basu,

Animated foray into Hollywood

With reference to N Chandra Mohan’s article Ticket to Hollywood (June 30), Anil Ambani’s move of securing a foothold in Hollywood is historic. Already India’s stronghold in software development has made it a hub of animation for Hollywood films. But in terms of the quality of feature films, Bollywood has miles to go before it can match up to Hollywood.

Tarun Madan,

Deal with the naysayers

Pankaj Vohra in his article It’s the PM’s way or no way (June 30) is right in urging the Prime Minister to demonstrate courage by going ahead with the deal. Manmohan Singh has left no stone unturned to convince the Left but he should not wait any longer. People expect the PM to show that a right decision on part of the government is not sabotaged by the Left’s untenable misgivings.

RL Pathak,

Congress now has a hazy image

Apropos of the report CPM spells out threat: N-deal or us (June 30), one positive outcome of the debate around the nuclear deal would be that otherwise indifferent voters might like to go out and exercise their franchise. Whether that goes in favour of the Congress is anybody’s guess. In any case the Congress will face a difficult election due to high inflation, the imperatives of coalition, lack of leadership, its inherent culture of sycophancy and incompetent ministers. The image of the party may also be affected if it refuses to go ahead with something that the Prime Minister believes in so strongly. But one thing is for sure: the elections will show the Left its rightful place in national politics.

Iqbal Narain,
via email

Into a state of disrepute

With reference to Sonia Jabbar’s article Politics of pilgrimage (June 30), the democratic functioning of our system has had a bagful of communal problems because our politicians cannot overcome their penchant to meddle with religion. If one political party constituted the Amarnath Shrine Board, the other countered that move by setting up a state Waqf Board to appease one religious group or the other. It is perhaps a major lacunae in our democracy that politicians can manoeuvre public sentiment to create communal tensions. The state administration is best left for development and not for communalising the society.

Ved Guliani,

A farewell to arms

The funeral of the late Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who won for India its greatest victory in its military history has been a rather low-key affair. Even the services chiefs did not pay appropriate respect to this soldier who rose only by dint of his merit, integrity and honesty.

Raghubir Singh,

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