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Cameron Diaz, candidly

Hollywood?s ?Sweetest Thing? kicks off the New Year with a new film.

india Updated: Jan 08, 2006 00:02 IST

Hollywood’s ‘Sweetest Thing’ Cameron Diaz kicks off the New Year for Delhi’s movie buffs by returning to the city’s cineplexes with her new film, In Her Shoes. The vivacious actress tells HT City everything about her latest release.

How would you describe In Her Shoes as a film? How is it different from director Curtis Hanson’s earlier films… say, LA Confidential?

This is a story about people changing — about these women who have never stopped to take a look at who they are. In life, our greatest challenge is to change our behaviour and learn how to adapt with the world — that’s what the film tells. It tells us that life is about facing realities and grow into healthier human beings, changing the things that are bad for us into good things. It’s a huge challenge and that’s what this film talks about.

How would you describe your character of Maggie Feller in the film?

Maggie is incredibly selfish, totally self-centered, completely with out any regard for anybody but herself. She’s just a selfish little brat — almost like a selfish little child — and you actually get to watch her grow up and change that behaviour and also change who she is. All the things she does, she does out of fear. Actually, she is a fearful person inside when we first meet her — she is desperate and terrified. Everything that she does is because of that, and as we watch her we see that she grows into somebody who is more confident and understanding. What was your experience working with veteran director Curtis Hanson?

As a filmmaker, how much did he help you in your role?

Curtis Hanson is a dream to work with — literally, in every way. First, he’s so kind and thoughtful, and courteous as a human being. As a filmmaker, he is focused and direct — he knows exactly what he wants. And he’s such a great collaborator as well. He’s very open and he listens.

Toni Collette, you co-star in In Her Shoes, became popular here in India after The Sixth Sense. How was it acting with her in this film?

My character Maggie always wants to be in Rose’s shoes (Rose being the character Toni plays), and Rose always wants to be in Maggie’s shoes. So, we both sort of want to be the other person. You know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side? My job was to interpret what it’s like being Maggie — always wanting to know how Toni’s character lives it up — she has an apartment and she has the car and she has the job. To Maggie, Rose is all the things that are totally unattainable because she doesn’t have the skill to do what Rose does. Similarly, Toni’s challenge was understanding my character from Rose’s viewpoint: Maggie is beautiful and she gets all the guys and she knows how to dress, and she’s very sexy. Maggie symbolizes a carefree life and Rose doesn’t know how to do it. That also sums up the title of the film, In Her Shoes.

First Published: Jan 08, 2006 00:02 IST