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Can you woo back your ex?

Do you think you have that sex appeal to charm your ex-flame again? Find out.

india Updated: Jun 06, 2010 13:04 IST
Hindustan Times

Do you think you have that sex appeal to charm your ex-flame again? Find out

Your ex shows up at a party, with a cheesy new girl. You:
(a) Tell him, wow, your standards have really come down.
(b) Politely introduce yourself and walk away.
(c) Focus on having fun and totally ignore them.

While at a cricket match, the guy behind you is being obnoxiously loud. You:
(a) Flag down an usher and ask him to have a word with the guy.
(b) Whip around and say, ‘Dude, they can hear you across the stadium!’
(c) Flash a huge grin and tell him to keep it down, and I might let you buy me a beer when we win!

If a guy isn’t giving you his full attention on a date, you’ll likely:
(a) Tell him a funny vacation story that involves you in a teeny bikini.
(b) Ask about his job, hobbies and family. Maybe he’ll reciprocate.
(c) Say you are not feeling well; give him a silent treatment until you leave.

The line at the club you frequent is very long. You walk up to the bouncer and say:
(a) Will this help? and slip him a Rs 50.
(b) My supercute girlfriends are at the end of the line. Can you pull some strings for us?
(c) You’re not seriously going to make me wait, are you?

If a guy you’re dating has trouble pleasing you in bed, you:
(a) Give him a tutorial of your hot spots.
(b) Tell him it’s not working and watch the TV.
(c) Figure you’re hard to satisfy and make the best of it.

If you strike three or more (a), then you are a:

PASSIVE PLEASER: You may feel shy about stepping on toes. Muzzling yourself comes off as insecure, and people don’t respect doormats. Don’t be afraid to flirt. Warm up your target with a coy compliment before going in for the kill.

If you strike three or more (b), then you are a:

You have the perfect combo of charisma and confidence, with a splash of sex bomb. People help you because you’re charmingly disarming and present requests that benefit the offender. Also, you know that when you don’t have the upper hand, it’s better to work your assets than to kick ass. Dropping the sexy-bikini story on a date is a bit saucy and effective too.

If you strike three or more (c), then you are a:

SASSY STEAMROLLER: You live every week like it’s Shark Week — anyone who crosses your path risks losing a limb! Being snide about your ex-boyfriend’s new girl or bitchy to a bouncer is unattractive, and it won’t win anyone over. Instead, embrace your sexuality. Tenderly touch someone’s arm lightly when making a point. A soft touch beats a bitch slap any day.

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan India

First Published: Jun 05, 2010 16:29 IST