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Chronology- Gulf War 1991

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Jan 28, 2005 03:14 PM IST

Given below is the chronology of the events during the Gulf War of 1991.

August 2, 1990

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Saddam Hussain's forces invade neighbouring country of Kuwait.

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August 9, 1990

As world denounces Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, United States moves its troops to Saudi Arabia to protect Saudi oil reserves.

November 29, 1990

United Nations discusses Iraqi invasion and set deadline of January 15, 2001 for Iraqi forces to peacefully withdraw from Kuwait.

January 3, 1991

Bush (Sr.) plans to send Baker to the mideast for direct talks with Iraq. NATO sent German, Italian and Belgian jet fighters to Turkey.

January 4, 1991

Bush (Sr.) proposes talks between Baker and Tariq Aziz in Geneva. Baker's plan to travel to Iraq held-up.

January 7, 1991

US renews its threat to take strong military action against Iraq. Baker leaves for Geneva, takes a tough message from US.

January 8, 1991

US and Iraq hardens their respective stands. US warns Iraq and takes up the issue of military strikes in Congress.

January 9, 1991

Baker, Aziz arrive in Geneva for talks. Bush seeks backing of all lawmakers to use military strikes against Iraq.

January 10, 1991

Talks between Aziz and Baker fails. US says its will use military action against Iraq. Iraq in turn threatens to attack Israel if it was targeted.

January 11, 1991

US Congress debates war. Bush (Sr.) maintains his line of punitive strikes against Iraq.

January 14, 1991

UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar meets Saddam Hussain in Baghdad to press him to withdraw from Kuwait. Saddam refuses to relent and claims Kuwait as the 19th province of Iraq.

January 15, 1991

Even as the UN deadline ends Iraq remain defiant and refuses to pull out its forces from Kuwait. Baghdad says it is willing to die if war is thrust on it.

January 16, 1991

The UN makes a final appeal for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait with a face saving formula.

January 17, 1991

US led coalition forces attack Baghdad.

January 18, 1991

Iraqi missiles hit Israel and Saudi Arabia.

January 30, 1991

Bush addresses nation, pledges victory. Moscow says the war could end if Iraq agrees to leave Kuwait.

January 31, 1991

Iraqis take Khafji. US Marines die from friendly fire. Iraqis capture us female.

February 1, 1991

Allied forces take back Khafji.

February 5, 1991

Rafsanjani offers to mediate. US rejects the offer.

February 6, 1991

Bush says ground forces would be required to supplement the air strikes for early results.

February 11, 1991

Dick Cheney and Colin Powell tour Saudi Arabia and report that a ground war is needed in a week or so to dislodge the Iraqi armour and troops from Kuwait.

February 13, 1991

Iraq expresses its readiness to work with the Russians to end the war. For the first time ever Baghdad signalled that it may want a diplomatic way out.

February 19, 1991

Russians offer the Iraqis a plan to end the war. The plan calls for an unconditional withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait but offers assurances that the anti Iraq coalition will not attempt to change Iraq's government.

February 20, 1991

Bush rejects Russian peace plan.

February 22, 1991

Iraq responds positively to a Russian peace proposal after a meeting between Aziz and Gorbachev. Iraqis agree to a full and unconditional withdrawal.

February 25, 1991

US led forces thrust toward Kuwait.

February 26, 1991

Saddam Hussein orders his troops out of Kuwait under terms of a Russian peace plan. An Iraqi scud missile kills 12 US soldiers in Dahran.

February 28, 1991

Bush declares victory and orders a cease fire announcing that Kuwait is liberated. He asks Iraq to abide by all 12 UN resolutions.

March 1, 1991

Iraq accepts us truce terms. US and Iraqi generals meet and work out the details of a permanent cease fire and exchange of POWs.

March 4, 1991

Iraq accepts terms set by the coalition to end the war. Gen Schwartzkopf called his meeting with the Iraqi generals a major step forward in the cause of peace.

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