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Wake up to ensure justice for the dead & dignity of the living for we are brother, father, husband to someone who deserves to live with honour and dignity.
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PUBLISHED ON MAR 28, 2006 12:19 AM IST

Wake up to ensure justice for the dead & dignity of the living for we are brother, father, husband to someone who deserves to live with honour and idgnity.

Anshu Mali Tandon
Let there be a ‘fatwa’ to lynch the criminals, their supporters and so-called dons. There can be no bigger don than the public. We have nothing to lose except our insecurity.

The system too has an equal share as the culprits in the brutal murder of her. 

I strongly condemn the State Government and the judiciary for this shocking incident and its treatment. Congress too is responsible for not raising the issue adequately. They are more busy with Sonia pooja.

The high-handed and barbarous activities remind the episode of Karbala, Iraq, which happened 1400 years age, which tells that only those in power and terror can survive in society.

SN Agha
Politicians, bureaucrats and police should change their psyche to get hold of criminals. They should read the psyche of the criminals to get hold of them.

Dr Pramod Kumar
Don’t wait for orders. Killer is identified. You all have the power to hunt and kill him. It could have been you in place of Mehar.

How many Jessicas  & Mehars will it take for the police to realise that it’s time for some serious action now?

Why only protest for Mehar? What about thousand others who are daily butchered and their culprits roam scot free.

This is shame for the police force in UP. And even more shame for an apathetic government, which aids and abets criminals. Arrest all the accused.

The Lucknow police are a bunch of crooks. Gangsters like KD Singh should be thrown behind bars as they affect the society at large.

Devang Chaturvedi
For the peace of Mehar’s soul, the guilty should be punished. We want the killers behind bars.

Priyanka Bhatt
It’s now or never. Let the case be handled by the CBI. Mehar died in agony but let her soul live in peace.

Yusuf Khan
Culprits should be punished without further delay, and this would be real tribute to Mehar.

First punish those police officers who work slow and those politicians who give shelter to the criminals. Then only our sisters and daughters will be secure.

Ata Ashraf
Mehar’s murder is just an example of how free criminals feel themselves in the city to do any crime at any time they want on innocent citizens.

Fight should be against any and every injustice. Better late than never.

When powerful and the rich like Mehar is not getting justice what whould happen to common people.

Shradha P Tewari
Mehar raised her voice and stood up boldly. The culprits should be found and punished with same boldness!

Ex-brigadier says…

“I WANTED to join the candlelight protest against Mehar’s killing. But, because of my handicap I am unable to do so. Please carry my message,” remarked Brigadier (retd) Rachhpal Singh who walked into the HT office on his crutches on Monday evening. Brigadier Rachhpal was among the several people who reacted to the HT appeal to voice their angst against the gruesome incident. He summed up the sentiments of the people with a couplet, “baat jo dil se nikalti hai asar rakhti hai, par nahin takat-e-parwaaz magar rakhti hai.”     

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