Concentrate on your education

Stop letting yourself down, says Candice Pinto.

india Updated: Jun 21, 2010 15:44 IST
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I am 13 and I like a guy who is a year younger. I feel he too likes me, but my friends tell me to wait till he asks me out. What should I do?
You are young and he is younger. Let me tell you, relationships are a growing process. If you start dating early, you are likely to have a lot of complications. You have to finish your school. You say you like him but you’re not sure if he likes you too. I suggest you concentrate on your education. If he likes you, then let him make the first move. For now, just let it be.

I am an 18-year-old girl. I was in a serious relationship with a boy of the same age. We broke up after two months because of examination pressure. After our exams, I asked him to get back together, but he refused and gave me weird reasons. We kept in touch. One guy from my building likes me, but I still love my ex-boyfriend. What should I do?
You are well aware of who you love. If you love your ex and he still feels the same about you, and you are sure about him, then you two can work things out.
You might as well give him some time, maybe a few months and then take a call. Do not jump into another relationship, when your heart still craves for your ex. Be patient. Think properly and then decide. The other guy will understand if he loves you.

I’m a science student and just finished with all my exams. I now have the time to consider this one question that popped into my mind recently. What is the point and logic behind having a boyfriend? I have a lot of friends who have boyfriends but I’m pretty happy with my gang of girls. They break up and cry about cheating and scandals. Why have one in the first place?
This is a really honest question. I’d like you to consider it and please let me know because I believe in logic and haven’t got a convincing answer till now. It’s great that you have male and female friends.
I love my gang of girls too. But there will be a phase in your life when you will come across a guy who you will consider as more than just a friend. Someone, who you can discuss and be yourself with and love. You can’t live your life looking at other couples falling apart and generalise that all relationships are the same. Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling and when you do have a soft corner for that very special guy, you will realise the logic behind it all. It’s a good feeling to experience.

I am 16 years old. I broke up with my girlfriend recently, but I still love her a lot. I want to patch up with her. She does not respond to my calls. What do I do? Please help.
If you love her so much, why are you just calling her up? Wait for a few days and through her friends, try and pass on the message that you need to have a word with her and discuss the situation. I’m not aware of the reason you two split, so the best thing to do, is to talk to her face-to-face and tell her how you feel.

I love a girl from my school days, but I never told her that. But after passing out, I added her on some networking sites. We became really close and good friends and after two years I proposed to her, but she turned me down. I really love her and cannot live without her. Please help.
You need to accept the fact that she isn’t in love with you. Since she has turned you down you need to respect that. If you keep pushing it now she may break all contact from you. So if you really want her, be her friend. Give yourself more time to know if you could change her mind towards you. Don’t be pushy. If it works, then good for you. If it doesn’t, then you have to accept it.

I am 13. I know I am too young, but I am in love with a guy who is 14. He is my best friend. How do I tell him?
You’re just 13 and yes you are too young to get into a relationship. If you’re afraid to tell him how you feel then hold on. He is still your best friend and hopefully will always remain so.

First Published: Jun 21, 2010 12:23 IST