Controlled rage greets Varanasi blasts
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Controlled rage greets Varanasi blasts

Surfers express their grief for the victims, many Muslims leading the way.

india Updated: Mar 09, 2006 12:38 IST

The Varanasi blasts have done it again. The outpouring of anger, shock and pain against the blasts resembles a deluge.

While most condemn the attacks and hold UPA's appeasement policy towards Muslims responsiblefor the present mess, many Muslims wrote in to condemn the attacks in harshest possible words.

They make it clear that Islam had nothing to do with such heinous acts. However, they added a word of caution --Don't pull the entire community into the rubble.

A vast majority of those writing in insist that India is too soft on terror. There seems to be a huge gap between intelligence inputs and the law-enforcing agencies.

Here are samples.

Against UPA, Left and Muslims

Alok from Delhi said, "I am really shocked and express my deepest feelings for the people injured and dead in Varanasi blasts. It seems to strike at the very heart of Hindus and the politics of favouritism for a particular community and soft policies towards terrorists is the real cause. The State and Central Govt should shed their vote bank politics and act harshly on the involved people."

"The authorities have proven to be incompetent. Hindu places of worship have become open season for these terrorists. Find them and hang them," said A Pradeep from Toronto, Canada.

Dhiman from London made a very frontal attack on the trio.

"Shame on India! How could terror find its way to India's most holy city?"

Muslims speak their minds

Tausif Badar from Delhi was quick to condemn all kinds of fundamentalism and called for the culprits to be punished.

"It's a shameful act of terrorists against all communities of the country. The perpetrators of this crime can't even be called human beings. Government should make some strategy to counter such tragedies in future. No one should be allowed to kill innocent people and harm the nation."

Farhan Khan called all Indians, irrespective of what religion they profess, to fight the menace of terror, in whatever form. He was worried the right-wing Hindu parties would hijack the agenda.

"I am extremely saddened to know of such horrifying acts of terrorism adopted by people to incite communal tension and more.

"Indians should have learnt the lesson by now... united we stand, divided we fall... it would be bad and tragic to note if any riots take place as the sole motive of such social outcasts would be to do so at any cost possible.

"I'm a proud Muslim, but the jihad carried out is not justified as Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It talks of spreading peace.

"We as Indians irrespective of which religion we belong to, should respect the sentiments of each another and stand together to face such people, to show solidarity which would not be hampered by such acts.

"Also what was disheartening was to see parties like BJP, RSS and VHP suddenly bounced into action with irresponsible statements little realising that it would lead to further division and mutual hatred in the longer term."

Sajid from Pune too voiced his disgust at this senseless violence.

"As a Muslim and a Salafi, I condemn the blasts in Varanasi. Islam is against terrorism in all its forms. The council of senior Islamic scholars of Saudi Arabia (the so-called "Wahabis") said in a statement a few months ago, 'Acts of sabotage such as bombings, murder and destruction of property are serious criminal acts and an aggression against innocent people... which warrant severe and deterrent punishment.'

"All Indians should remain calm and help the police find the terrorists. However, the police should not arrest anyone unjustly and without proof. This heinous act of terrorism should not lead to other human rights violations or violence.

"I pray to Allah that he guides all Indians and particularly the leaders and politicians towards the right path."

The non-Hindu, non-Muslim view

Victor Jerome from Port of Spain, Trinidad added a word of caution to Hindus. He seemed to suggest the India would now be at the forefront of terror attacks, more so given India's friendship with the US.

"Ever since Bush's friendship with India, something like this was expected fromfanatics whether from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. These souls cannot simply stomach the friendship between US, India and Israel.

"Al-Qaeda and its sympathisers see India's Hindus as a legitimate target. This is when India needs strong leadership but sadly it is not there. Unless of course, the disciple of Guru Nanak and Guru Govind Singh shows a thing or two.

"Every AQ sympathiser carries a bomb to kill Hindus. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is full of them. Hindus should sink their differences and unite against a common enemy otherwise it is a goodbye to present India. If UPA cannot handle it, find someone else before it is too late.

"Learn from George Bush and take strong action when needed. Also blame the Banerjee report. Sadly, Indians will never learn that India's enemies have no sentiments for the country.

"Hindu religious places are now targets in the front line in the war against terrorism."

Angela too was convinced India is a soft target.

"India is really soft state as we do not capture or punish anybody. In addition, most of the parties want Muslim votes. So they are always involved in appeasing them. Where are leftist and Muslim demonstrators who protested so violently against Danish cartoons and Bush visit? Should they not be as vehement in protesting these attacks against Hindus? Hello, Arundhati Roy, are you sleeping now?"

May God guide us all in these troubled times!

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First Published: Mar 09, 2006 12:33 IST