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Creative visualisation

The universe consists of mind and matter stemming from the cosmic energy of all pervading consciousness. MN Kundu writes.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2011 23:13 IST

The universe consists of mind and matter stemming from the cosmic energy of all pervading consciousness. Hence, if any intention is originated in tranquil consciousness the requisite vibration of energy flows to arrange for manifesting the same in reality. Creative visualisation concerns generating and energizing an intention at the level of primordial consciousness for its fruition in reality. Shapers of human progress in various fields have always been spontaneously glided into creative visualisation to materialise their dreams.

Our destiny is the outcome of our driving desires and the proceeds of past karma. We can alter both in our favour with requisite force of desire and powerful thought vibrations producing equal opposite reactions. Creative visualisation does this by setting a cause in motion. It makes us act compulsively as required creating the necessary inner urge and conducive situations.

Sit down with closed eyes and erect spine. Take a few deep breaths, tense the whole body and then relax. Give a conscious command to each body part one by one, “Relax, relax” and feel that the body part is deeply relaxing. If any particular part is tensed, send warm breath into that part specifically and command again. Thus, progressively scan the whole body to make it and the mind entirely relaxed.

Visualise a luminous white star vibrating and expanding with the sound of Om between the two eyebrows covering your whole body, room, surroundings, and gradually the globe. Affirm, “I am one with the Infinite. I am the centre of the universe.” Now, contract it to make a circular globe-like screen. Visualise minutely that anything you want to happen has actually happened within the screen and feel that you are enjoying the happening. Have faith and never doubt or indulge in negative thoughts.