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Croatia: The best of Europe

Croatia is a perfect all-season destination with mild weather, enthuses Isha Singh Sawhney.
None | By HT CITY || Isha Singh Sawhney
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2007 06:28 PM IST

Does Croatia cross your mind while you use a ball pen or knot your tie? Probably not, but not too many know that these mundane, every day things originate from this Mediterranean country (the ball pen was invented by a Croatian and the latter by Croat soldiers).

Though recently listed among the best European destinations, for the average Indian tourist Croatia isn’t a usual choice. But there must be something to a country where William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is set, George Bernard Shaw wrote poetry and Agatha Christie holidayed.

Bio-diversity comes alive as the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plains meet giving birth to harmony and rare beauty.What one otherwise finds miles apart in different countries, co-exist together in harmony here.Within a few hundred kilometers are blue-green seas, thick forests, mountains and lush green plains. Apart from the beautiful Adriatic coastline one finds forests, underground streams and lakes. Along with a variety of natural beauty, monuments of cultural and historical significance jostle for space in Croatia.

Cruise ship off the coast of Dubrovnik

The cities are a pleasant mix of the old and new as promenades and historical monuments complement each other. A visible mark of ancient Rome is seen in perfectly preserved amphitheatre, in Pula and the monumental Palace of the Roman Emperor, in Split. The Renaissance shaped many of its cities as numerous churches and imposing forts make up much of the cityscape.

Apart from the natural beauty, for foodies there is delicious shell fish and truffles that find their way to your dinner table. But if you are one for sporting activities like sailing, hiking and mountaineering national parks and vast seas are dotted with islands.

A perfect all-season destination with mild Mediterranean weather.

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