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Crunchy laddoos

Coat besan laddoos and chocolates with butterscotch.. it’s a deadly combination, Sanjeev Kapoor shares the recipe.
Hindustan Times | By Sanjeev Kapoor, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 23, 2009 06:24 PM IST

It’s the ice cream season. This piece is inspired from the butterscotch ice cream I had for dessert last night. Butterscotch has an identity of its own and one can debate on its origin forever.

For me, it’s an ingredient that comes either in a bottled syrup form or tiny shiny kernels in specialty confectionery stores. There is butterscotch essence too. Is it toffee? The authentic butterscotch recipe is similar toffee making. It’s a blend of butter, cream, brown sugar and vanilla essence. The only difference is that the sugar is boiled to the softball stage for butterscotch whereas toffee requires sugar in the hardball stage. The elusively flavoured butterscotch also lends an unbelievable texture to some cake toppings and cookies.

Let’s get creative
It might also intrigue you to learn that the fragrance of butterscotch has inspired some parts of the west to use it to make scented candles and soaps. I’m going to look for them on my next trip abroad. You must have eaten chocolates with butterscotch filling. How about some butterscotch coated chocolates? Now isn’t that an exciting role reversal? You could also besan laddoos with butterscotch coating. This will make for an excellent Diwali gift with a difference.

Give the chocolate syrup a break.. use butterscotch syrup to dress up a mocktail or milkshake.. or use finely crushed butterscotch to rim the glass. Now that is sure to get the milk-hating brigade to empty their glasses!

A good partner
Butterscotch syrup is friendly with all sorts of creamy puddings. Finish off the trifle with it or pour it on hot apple pie. Sundaes will bask in the glory of butterscotch and you can splash some chocolate syrup too.. they are allies. No more buttered and salted popcorn only. Their caramel or butterscotched versions are gaining popularity.

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