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Dealing with nightmares

It is not for us to dismiss 'dreams' as merely figments of our imagination and forget all about them, especially if they are frightening nightmares.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2003 14:31 IST

Most of us have had the horrifying experience of waking up trembling, drenched in cold sweat, yet with our heads burning, nursing the hangover of a nightmare. Bad dreams, which turn into traumatically despondent tragic experiences, can become a dominant feature of our lives, without our realizing how much they influence us.

When we go to sleep at night we have ordered our bodies to go into a state of rest, known as the 'alpha state', and then onto the period of deep sleep, where we get to experience the dreams we are talking about.

There are several dimensions of realities that our souls choose to visit, while we are in that dream state. What appears to be a dream for us, is in actuality a 'reality' which we have gone through. This is exactly as if we have experienced the whole dream with all the accompanying sights, sounds, smells, as well as deeply felt emotions. This is a reality that our souls have gone into, in another dimensional world.

It is not for us to dismiss 'dreams' as merely figments of our imagination and forget all about them, especially if they are frightening nightmares. A nightmare denotes a dream that your soul's journey has undertaken into the 'dark' side of the Universe. That is why they are so horrifying, and leave you depressed, more so, if they are recurrent ones. The 'dark' side represents the antithesis of the Love, or Light side of the Universe, and gets you into it if you allow your mind to be filled with feelings of fear, hatred, and enlarged ego-feelings, which tend to block out the heart charka from radiating its fullest love.

The 'dark' side can only step in with your permission. So it is up to you to be strong enough to say 'no' to any feelings that are not in tune with the Universal Love radiating through the heart. Be firm, and tell any entities who are disrupting your life through these nightmares that you do not allow them into your life! Tell them that they have no power over you! Tell them that the only Presence that is in-charge of you is your own God-Presence, which is filling you with Love and Light.

If you allow them to enter your life, in weak moments, such as times of depression, or circumstances which have drained you of all emotional resources, you must find the strength to resist them immediately. If you do not find that possible, then the solution is to use the right affirmations before going to sleep. You may affirm, "As I go to sleep at night, my soul is taking me into the Heart of God's Love and Benevolence, from which only the good emanates" Then visualise yourself enveloped in a huge heart of Golden Radiance, which promises to hold you safe, love you, protect you, and nurture you forever. Feel eternally free from all your nightmares!

First Published: Dec 18, 2003 14:31 IST