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Defining Self: Part II

Most people have lived with illusion of what they think they are, that they really are afraid of what they would be like if the illusion disappeared.

india Updated: Jan 21, 2004 18:00 IST

Would you like to have a conceptual idea of what you really think about your own 'self'? You may look at you 'self' from several angles, and will be amazed at how each one of these will tell you so much about your 'self', things that you never really put into focus before. And perhaps, then you will understand the whys and wherefores of how you have played the game called 'life'.

Now, again we can use our Free Choice, whether we even want to come face to face with our true 'self'. Does the thought make you uncomfortable? Does the thought provide a sense of eager anticipation at discovering the real you?

Most people have lived with illusion of what they think they are, that they really are afraid of what they would be like if the illusion disappeared, in the light of Truth.

Supposing you are in a struggling relationship, it could be any one that is with a spouse, a sibling, a parent, or even a business one. What if suddenly you realize that the dynamics of this relationship was based on an argumentative flow of opinionated decisions, and you decide that 'that' person is not the true 'you', you may suddenly unearth for yourself a bubble of eternal joy. And in this blissful bubble, the terms of that relationship get redefined, and further refined into its most beautiful truth, that is, is it serving you to become a better person?

Or, if on a certain day you are feeling heavy energies, and out of sorts. You realise that something has upset the free flow of balanced energies, and caused a rupture, or a damming up of this flow. If you go back to the source of this rupturing of your harmonious energy, you will have discovered what it is that you truly wanted in that situation, and did not receive.

When you reflect backwards in this fashion, you will have lifted a heavy load from your mind and heart, bringing back your energy flow into perfect harmonics. You will have discovered the real 'you', and more importantly, chosen to stick to your own truth, rather than be inveigled by others into the uncomfortable state of energy.

Suddenly, when you realize that you're not 'that' any longer, your brain starts working to accommodate the 'real you' into your larger Divine life-plan.

If you are the 'grey' colour of your rainbow, it is for you to unburden the greyness, and get into your true vivid colours of energy flow. Rather than giving away all your vitality by remaining in the grey band, you can manipulate to see your own Divinity in the light of the most glorious colours, in the energy of your own heart. For all the energy that flows through the heart centre, is that of Love, and when this true Love flow is released, then the true 'you' also finds a release!

Oh, the Lightness that comes from discovering the truth within our hearts is a dazzling, mind-blowing experience!

To be continued...

Part I

First Published: Jan 21, 2004 17:20 IST