Delayed arrest, why?

IT TOOK Mehar Bhargava?s death for the Lucknow police to get into the action mode. In a quick move on Sunday, they arrested KD Singh for providing shelter to the accused.

india Updated: Mar 27, 2006 00:35 IST

IT TOOK Mehar Bhargava’s death for the Lucknow police to get into the action mode. In a quick move on Sunday, they arrested KD Singh for providing shelter to the accused.

Two investigating officers (IOs) were, however, made scapegoat with SSP Ashutosh Pandey placing them under suspension for dereliction of duty.
The arrest of KD Singh today more than proved that the criminal was well within their reach. It was a known fact from the very beginning that KD Singh was providing shelter to the accused in the shootout. But the cops could not muster courage to pick up KD earlier for interrogation following pressure from don-turned-MLA Dhananjay Singh and latter’s mentor— Raghuraj Pratap Singh, a minister in Mulayam Singh Yadav government..

It was only after Mehar’s death that senior cops swung into action and a police team was dispatched to Jaunpur to pick up KD on Sunday evening. KD’s brother Jai Prakash, who was picked up in the morning and was interrogated at the Hazratganj police station, had reportedly revealed that the main accused in Mehar attack case—- Sachin Pahari and Amit Singh —were in regular touch with KD and the latter had provided them shelter.

It was not as if the cops did not have any leads. Soon after the incident, they had records of telephonic conversation between KD Singh and the shooters. But before the investigating officer (IO) could initiate further steps, the Hazratganj police received the go-slow directives from power that be. The police were also reportedly asked not to touch KD Singh. Subsequently, the cops did not make any move to trace the assailants. The latter stayed at various hideouts in Lucknow before shifting to the safe haven provided by KD Singh in Jaunpur and Sultanpur.

It was only four days back that they could trace the address of Sachin’s native place in Pithoragarh. Even when the cops managed to procure a notice for property attachment of the accused, a police team was dispatched to Pithoragargh two days back only.

The police were ignorant as to who was Amit Singh. It was only when Jai Prakash was picked up for interrogation, the police came to know that Amit was a history-sheeter of Mughalsarai district and was resident of Railway Colony there. Another police team was sent to Amit’s place for collecting more details in the evening.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to ignore their responsibility, senior cops have started accusing Mehar Bhargava’s family for the incident. A top cop even said that it was Mehar’s son Siraj who was a close friend of KD and had provided the flat to the gangster at the Dilip Pur Tower building. The incident had taken place outside the same building.

On the other hand, Siraj told Hindustan Times, “Yes I knew KD and had rented the room too. But I was unaware about his criminal activities”.

First Published: Mar 27, 2006 00:35 IST