Delhi Govt to introduce MCD (Amendment) Bill

The bill will pave the way for smaller municipal wards in the city, reports Amitabh Shukla.

india Updated: Jan 05, 2007 20:02 IST

The two-day special session of the Delhi Assembly would begin on Saturday with the government set to introduce the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2007 which will pave the way for smaller municipal wards in the city.

The Bill provides that the number of municipal wards would be a minimum of 272 and a maximum of 300 in the city. The Bill would amend Section 3 (6) of the DMC Act, 1957 for smaller wards. Earlier, the ceiling of 134 seats was fixed in 1993.

The amendment means that there would be four municipal wards in each of the assembly constituencies, except those falling in the NDMC area and Delhi Cantonment Board, instead of two wards at present. The Bill says that the basis of the reorganisation is a population of 50,000 per ward which roughly translates into an electorate of 30,000.

According to the Bill, the municipal wards across the country have a much smaller population which helps in good governance. Each municipal ward in Chennai has a population of 28,025, Mumbai has a population of 52,485 per ward, Chandigarh 49,570, Kolkata 32,486, Howrah 20,174 and Faridabad 30,182.

Delhi Urban Development Minister AK Walia confirmed that the Bill would be introduced on Saturday.

On the first day of the session, the Bill would be merely introduced. The discussion would focus on the provisions of the proposed Master Plan. The MLAs are expected to move amendments and changes in the plan to suit their political base in the city. The MCD Bill would be taken up for discussion on Monday and would be passed on the same day.

A meeting of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) has been convened before the session to draw the strategy of the party for the two-day session. Party sources said the Congress MLAs would be issued a whip and directed to vote for the Bill when it comes up for approval on Monday.

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First Published: Jan 05, 2007 20:02 IST