Developers continue to build on flood-prone areas

New developers in Gurgaon do not seem to have learned anything from the mistakes their predecessors made. Eshani Mathur reports.

india Updated: Jul 12, 2011 00:50 IST
Eshani Mathur
Eshani Mathur
Hindustan Times

New developers in Gurgaon do not seem to have learned anything from the mistakes their predecessors made. Several well-known developers in Gurgaon have built malls, colonies and high-rises on bunds and natural drains, which has resulted in flooding during monsoon.

Recently, construction work at many sites in the newly-developed Sector 58 came to a standstill due to flooding after light showers. However, construction work on high-rises in the flood-prone area of Ghata Bund is being carried out by well-established developers. New developers have also joined in, despite the objection by the irrigation and disaster management department.

"We have not given no-objection certificate for construction activity in this area. This is a flood-prone area where water from the Aravallis and other natural drains accumulate," said SE Sharma, SDO, irrigation department.

"The maximum storage capacity of the bund is over 12 feet. Water from Gwal Pahari Bandhwari's bund Nos. 1 and 2 and Behrampur bund is discharged here. During heavy rain, water seeps into residential areas and this can't be avoided as the elevation is slanted towards Ghata bund," said Sharma.

In 2010, construction work at Sectors 58, 62 and 65 near the Southern Periphery Road was stopped due to flooding. The department now fear for the lives of residents who will occupy these high-rises. This is because in case of heavy rain, disaster can't be ruled out. The department is intrigued why the town and country planning department allotted licenses to builders.

"The basements at these construction sites are submerged. God save the buildings from collapsing as stagnant water can weaken the buildings' foundation," added Sharma.

Earlier, big developers used to block natural drains to build colonies and malls, including in Sushant Lok 2 and 3, DLF Phase 3 and Ambience Mall.

"The lanes at our area get blocked during rain. We can't even step out from our house. The expressway, too, is sometimes flooded, which slows traffic," said Palam Vihar resident Mansi Kumar.

Markets at Palam Vihar also get flooded even during light rain. This causes a lot of inconvenience to shoppers and residents. DLF Phase 2 residents had to face water logging after every shower. This also cause electricity poles in the area to malfunction,

"The poles often emit sparks during rain, which is dangerous. We can't walk safely here," said a DLF Phase 2 resident.

First Published: Jul 12, 2011 00:49 IST