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Disappearing one bed room flats

The prestigious real estate firms have almost stopped making one bed room houses, reports Vivek Shukla.
Hindustan Times | By Vivek Shukla, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2008 02:20 PM IST

There was a time when DDA and GDA used to make one bed room flats in a big way. Such one bedroom flats can be seen in many parts of the capital as well as in Ghaziabad. Thousand of people live there with their families.

It is a different matter that despite the demand in the market and there are enough people who are keen to buy such flats, the prestigious real estate firms have almost stopped making one bed room houses. One has to really make an extra effort to find any well-known builder still making such flats. This trend can easily be seen in whole of NCR.

Those who know the real state world closely say that many aspiring flat owners could not become the owners of house due to very high cost of two, three and four bed room flats. Due to this very reason, they drop the idea of buying the flat. If they are offered single bed room house up to Rs 18-20 lakhs, they can buy that easily with the help of home loan. It is really baffling to say the least that builders have more or less stopped making single bedroom flats despite the fact that there is still huge demand for such flats. Dr. Devinder Gupta of Real Estate advisory, Century 21, says that as most of the big ticket builders are not involved in the business of making single bed room houses, the small time builders have started making single bed room houses.

They do not make houses in a nice manner. After innocent people buy them, they find various difficulties in these flats made by unprofessional builders. They have already made very large number of single bed room flats in places like Vaishali, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad and other NCR towns. Shah Alam, whose company is making lot of flats in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, was very candidly admitted that well-known builders have failed in their duty to provide world class houses for those who could not buy big and luxury flats. He, however, promise that from now onwards they would try their level best to make some single bed room flats also.

Manohar Singh, who is working in a leading newspaper of the capital, said that as his budget is not more than Rs 18 lakhs, he thought of buying a single bed room house from some well-known Real-Estate firm. He read the brochures of many companies but he failed to find houses made by them. He said that apart from his budget, one bed room house is okay with him because he has a small family of only three persons. Husband, wife and one kid. This is the story of many working people of NCR region migrated here from various parts of the country in the recent years. They have enough money for one bed room house, but there are not enough flats available in this category from noted builders.

Like Shah Alam, Anil Sharma of Amrapali group also says that there is an urgent need to build a large number of one bed room houses in a covered area of up to 700 sq. feet. “I know from my own experience that there are many people from my own state Bihar interested to buy small and compact flat here in Delhi. Due to non- availability of flats in this category, they keep on living in rented house’’, says Sharma.

Then, what is the solution to this whole issue? Anil Sharma said that you can not force any builder to make one bed room house. He feels that it is high time that government gives some financial incentives to builders so that they feel encouraged to make one bed room flats. Without that not many builders would come forward and make one bed room flats.

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