Do some homework

Apropos of the report Pak must walk the terror talk, says PM (October 4), no one doubts Pakistan's objective.

india Updated: Oct 05, 2006 02:52 IST

Do some homework

Apropos of the report Pak must walk the terror talk, says PM (October 4), no one doubts Pakistan’s objective, which it pursues with single-minded determination via military and diplomatic means. Unfortunately, the UPA government’s stand on terror is inconsistent. After the joint mechanism was signed, it became clear that India and Pakistan had not even agreed on a definition of terror! Every time the government makes policy statements that are not backed by homework and implementation plans, it is extremely worrying for the average Indian.

Seema Gupta

Weak policies

Prem Shankar Jha in Friendly foe (October 3) has tried to justify the unjustifiable. Calling Pakistan a victim of terrorism is a betrayal of our helplessness in dealing with terrorism. I do not think any other country has pursued such suicidal policies as we have with respect to Pakistan. It is a humiliating compromise.

Shanti Bhushan

Do not make him a hero

The families of the nine police personnel who laid down their lives in the line of duty will feel cheated if Afzal Guru is granted mercy.

Inder P Matta
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Afzal’s crime cannot be justified in any manner. The show of support for him should not be taken as a show of support for terrorism. However, it is important to tackle the situation carefully. We must remember that it was the hanging of Maqbool Butt which provided the spark for militancy in Kashmir.

Salman Zafar


It is shocking that some politicians are demanding clemency for Afzal Guru. All terrorists should be treated in the same fashion — they should be hanged. The government should handle the protests in J&K strictly and effectively.

Amit Bhandari

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First Published: Oct 05, 2006 02:52 IST