Doon School debates meaty matters

Within the famous ivy-covered walls of the Doon, there is hullabaloo over a leg of mutton, reports Kumkum Chadha.

india Updated: May 03, 2006 01:00 IST

Within the famous ivy-covered walls of the Doon School, there is hullabaloo over a leg of mutton. At a recent meeting of the PTA, an issue curiously figured on the agenda —should the meat served to students be halal or jhatka?

While the public school in Dehradun contended that it was serving halal meat (slaughtered according to Islamic specifications) for the past 18 years, a Hindu parent demanded that either the school switched to jhatka meat or at least served it to students who wanted it.

The school was in a stew: should they serve jhatka or halal or both or none? If the school served just jhatka, then Muslim students might not have it. If it served both, then it would have to get two sets of vessels to cook, separate bowls to serve, the logistics of the whole kitchen operation was daunting indeed.

A note circulated among parents read: "Further, boys with other dietary demands might request us to accommodate their preferences.… (It) is impractical when we have three major meals every day for 600 people."

Dubbed a "complex issue", the bone of contention finally reached the Board of Governors, which called for a status quo. So halal it will be, though some parents are still cut up about it.

And you thought the prestigious alma mater of Rajiv Gandhi would have better things on its plate.

First Published: May 03, 2006 01:00 IST