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Down with Mandal II!

Surfers feel that reservation in IITs and IIMs isn't going to uplift the oppressed.

india Updated: Apr 15, 2006 18:29 IST

The seat reservation for the students of so-called backward castes of Indian universities is a contentious issue like Hindu-Muslim divide.

The announcement of reserved seats for OBCs in IITs and IIMs has sparked a fire that refuses to die down. Without exception, nobody seems to be against help for the dispossessed.

Surprising? Well yes. What they seem to decry is the politics behind it and negatives of the reservation policy, the contention being that quota system by its very nature breeds mediocrity.

Almost all those technically against reservation seem to agree that the poor should be given monetary help by way of easy loans, scholarships, but not at the cost of merit.

Further, we asked people if this would result in hoards of Indian students heading for foreign universities and if it was discriminatory towards other category.

Here's how it went.

Shubhika Taneja from New Delhi felt this policy was extremely discriminatory in nature.

"This decision if implemented will leave the bright potentials of India in a world of no opportunity. It is a disaster and suppression to merit."

Umesh from New Delhi too thought the general category students would be the most affected.

"The proposal had betrayed public at large. Our HRD minister had made the issue for getting political mileage leaving behind masses -- young and energetic people of the country to cry in their own country. This proposal will force bright and intelligent students to move out of the country."

Atul Saxena from Tarrytown, USA, was quite categorical in denouncing politicians and their petty brand of politics.

He squarely blames these 'selfish' leaders for the mess. He felt students in the general category would be left with very few options. It will result in yet another brain drain.

"God bless Indian politicians. For the sake of their own selfishness, they are burning our young emerging students. We have seen, 'Bharat Chhodo Andolan' before freedom. This time our own people are responsible, not the British.

What do you think, will the students return after grabbing their foreign degrees? Never. They will have anger in their mind, heart and soul against Indians. We have seen people who settled in Britain, Germany, France, Australia etc in 60s, and 70s. They look at us with different attitude. Besides that, they still look at India as a limping nation."

Vineet Anand of New Delhi was certain this policy would push India back by several decades just as VP Singh's Mandal policy had done.

"I'm sure if India follows the policies of VP Singh, who has already pushed the country 10 years back, we'll never be a strong economy."

He ridiculed politicians for their collective selfish behaviour.

"There's no doubt in my mind and I think everyone is aware that the politicians of our country are not doing this for the upliftment of the so-called backward classes. It is true that 'there is no shortcut to success' but they have proved it wrong by reserving seats in the past."
Our lone surfer speaking up for the reservation policy was Kumar from Kuwait.

He thought it was a step in the right direction for the suffering majority.

"For a country like India, reserving some seats for the underprivileged people will be good. Whosoever plans to go abroad will do that whether or not reservation is implemented. Reservation is the best thing the Government can do to uplift these silent majority."

Wonder what could be the way out? Increasing the number of seats in educational institutions.

Think about it.

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Apr 15, 2006 16:33 IST