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Barack Obama is against smoking. Barack Obama smokes. Smokers can understand that.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON JUN 24, 2009 11:53 PM IST

Earlier this week, American President Barack Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Apart from paving the way for bigger warnings on cigarette packs, the law proactively tackles smoking among the youth.

A hurrah for anti-smoking measures! A hurrah for Super Barack! But before Mr Obama could put his legs up and light a lamp, there were those pesky, clean-eared journos asking him about his own smoking habits. It was his wife, Michelle, who made him ‘out’ himself as a smoker. Like many other spouses, Mrs Obama doesn’t want a smoking husband. So she made her hubby tell America about his ‘old bad habit’ which the clean-lunged people saw as a touching confession.

But now, it turns out that after Mr Obama’s push for a tougher anti-smoking law, he has been found chugging on the stick on the sly. The non-Marlboro man admitted, after more queries from pesky reporters, that he, alas, was not the perfect man that he made America, and the world, believe he was. He still [cough, cough] smokes. He said that he was “95 per cent cured”, but there were times when he does ‘mess up’. Slightly irritated — nothing that a puff or two of the original weed can’t dissipate — Mr Obama added that the new law has nothing to do with him personally, but that it’s targeted at youngsters who should not go down the smoky path that he had in his callow youth.

Let Mr Obama figure out how a fat lady can sell exercise cycles. For us, we have full faith in his logic that you don’t have to be a good man to tell others to be good. Which brings us tangentially to the matter of the world’s most powerful (occasional) smoker once having smoked marijuana in Hawaii. Does that mean that he could to pass an anti-pot law anytime now?

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