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Drawn to Buddha

I feel very drawn to the Buddhists and have been doing some chants, which I came across in a book, which I feel deeply connected to. Can you explain why?

india Updated: Mar 05, 2004 15:21 IST

This question and answer series will help to clear your inner-soul confusion on all matters that are demanding your spiritual attention. Spiritual teacher and Healer Ms Veena Minocha will endeavour to clear the 'fog within' by answering all questions sent to her at

I feel very drawn to the Buddhists and have been doing some chants, which I came across in a book, which I feel deeply connected to. These chants are something, which access the deep recesses of my mind and make me feel loving and compassionate, peaceful and happy.

After chanting I get into a trance like state even though I do not know the meaning of what I have uttered. My best experience comes from chanting Om Mani Padme Hum. Can you explain why this is so?

Nick Stepp from London

Veena Minocha answers: Dear Nick, you have formed a beautiful connection to God and His avatars through this ever-peaceful chant. This is the special prayer to attain the state of Nirvana's everlasting peace that is why you can connect with it so easily, and experience the true essence of it.

May I tell you that you have probably been a Buddhist in an earlier incarnation, and these chants bring forth memories of that time.

It is said in the Mahayana Sutras that this chant was given to the Buddha by Avalokiteshwara, and the Buddha himself granted him the noble task of helping all beings towards buddhahood. At that moment all the gods rained flowers on them, and the Earth resounded to the purifying sound of this mantra.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum has six syllables, and each one of these has a specific and potent effect in bringing about healing and transformation at deep levels of our beingness. Through our ignorance we express negative feelings of anger, jealousy greed, desire, etc. and these cause karmic reactions in our minds and lives.

Through the regular chanting of this sacred mantra all negative feelings are purified, so that the human can now express himself as the ultimate enlightened being.

As we recite this mantra with full understanding of its purification process, we not only cleanse out this life of all negativity, but also dispel all suffering because of our previous karmas.

The six qualities that emerge after this purification are generosity, harmonious conduct, endurance, enthusiasm, concentration and insight. Om Mani Padme Hum also forms a cloak of vibrational protection from all kinds of negative influences and illnesses.

If we add the sees syllable of the great Avalokiteshwara, that is HRIH, it activates, like a catalyst, the Buddha Mind in us, and we emerge into the wisdom of the true mind. This is because the body, mind and speech of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas are inherent in the sound of this mantra.
It is a truly powerful explosion of wisdom that erupts in the mind and soul!

The Surangama Sutra expounds the effects of this mantra thus:
"How sweetly mysterious is the transcendental sound of Avalokiteshwara. It is the primordial sound of the Universe. It is the subdued murmur of the sea-tide setting inward. Its mysterious sound brings liberation and peace to all sentient beings who in their pain are calling out for help, and it brings a sense of serene stability to all those who are seeking Nirvana's boundless peace."

First Published: Mar 05, 2004 15:15 IST

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