Dress loose to stave off heat

The next time you go on a summer shopping, make sure to buy loose clothing made of natural fibres.

india Updated: Aug 17, 2006 12:21 IST

Older people have a better chance of beating the heat by wearing loose clothing made of natural fibres.

"If a little air can circulate between the skin and the fabric, it helps cool off far better on hot days. And the higher the percentage of cotton fabrics, the better the clothing absorbs sweat," Rainer Waelde of the Typ Academy in Limburg in the German state of Hesse, told DPA.

And flowing fabrics help to hide unwanted curves.

A thin, long-sleeved shirt or blouse also keeps off the sun, says Waelde, which is important for the elderly, as they can be quite pale.

"It also looks better. People should avoid spaghetti straps as they age."

Older people should also dress in layers, he advises. A blouse or shirt worn over a T-shirt can be unbuttoned or you can take it off when getting into a hot car.

Light colours, which reflect sunlight, are better than darker ones, which soak up the sun and warm up both clothing and wearer.

First Published: Aug 17, 2006 12:21 IST