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Free education from politics

RP Singh in Living in HRD times (January 28), rightly criticises the government for quantity over quality in our education system.

india Updated: Jan 31, 2009 11:04 IST
Hindustan Times

Free education from politics
RP Singh in Living in HRD times (January 28), rightly criticises the government for quantity over quality in our education system. Lack of vision is the primary cause for the quality of education available in our country being far below international standards. We should learn from the West, and grant our education system similar political freedom. Our education policies are not directed towards literacy but are rather motivated by narrow political interests.
MM Ali, via email

Obama’s our man of the moment
Barkha dutt in Wanted: a song for our times (Third eye, January 24), has rightly focused on the need to induct the younger generation into politics, but we cannot compare India with the US. Though India has plenty of leaders, they have been unable to deliver due to political compulsions. If our political parties were to declare the name of their leader before the elections, perhaps we could also find our Obama. People should be given a chance to select their leader, by making the best choice from a transparent list of candidates, which will help strengthen the leadership and provide political stability. To meet future challenges, we do need a global level of leadership in the country.
Murari Chaturvedi, Delhi

Barkha dutt’s portrayal of the other side of Obama is apt. Obama’s values and down-to-earth manner were well-showcased in the calm delivery of his victory speech as also during the oath-taking ceremony. Some of his recent efforts like declaring the world a terror-free zone, shutting down the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, and his attempts to make his administration a transparent one are surely the signs of a man who really cares for the people. In fact, the whole world has turned optimistic, for here is a man who can indeed change it by his energy, mature vision, measured actions and humble attitude.
Bhaskar sen, via email

our obama fixation raises a few questions. With the excessive amount of coverage that he has been getting here, it almost feels as though his election took place in India. Do Western countries, specifically the US, over-influence us? Or are we fixated because there aren’t any charismatic personalities in Indian politics? In any case, in the time of a global economic meltdown, the millions of dollars spent on his oath-taking ceremony was a sheer waste.
Mahesh Kumar, Delhi

Children not allowed
Rahul singh’s report Martyr’s widow turned away from Rashtrapati Bhavan (January 28), about the widow of Ashok Chakra award-winner Bahadur Singh Bohra being denied entry into the Rashtrapati Bhavan because she was accompanied by her children made for very sad reading. It shows a complete lack of sensitivity on the part of Rashtrapati Bhavan officials. This episode also reflects poorly on our first woman President who probably was not directly responsible but should take the blame and offer an apology to the family of the brave soldier.
D Sukumar, via email

No friends in the neighbourhood
yukteshwar kumar in Crouching dragon (January 28), is right in saying that Pakistan’s closeness to China has helped the former counter pressure from India. China has already grabbed thousands of kilometres of our land and eyeing more in our eastern region. India has signed a nuclear treaty only a few months ago, while China has been offering N-cooperation to Pakistan for the last two decades. China has not said a word to Pakistan about closing terrorist camps and banning terror outfits active on Pakistani soil, despite immense global pressure. So it would be foolish to expect China to pay any heed to Indian requests. Now with Barack Obama in the hot seat, India should explore other options in its favour.
GK Arora, Delhi

An attack on our liberty
apropos of the editorial They are thugs, not custodians (Our Take, January 27), the women were not only beaten but also molested and that too in full media glare. The fact that the media captured the drama as mute spectators shows just how much we respect the rights of women. How can we expect women to feel safe when they are attacked in broad daylight and still have to wait for justice when the man responsible has been arrested for an altogether different crime.
Rahul Gupta, via email

First Published: Jan 31, 2009 11:02 IST