Getting high

The Ambani brothers are locked in a new race: to build the taller tower to look down from.

india Updated: Dec 06, 2010 21:55 IST
Hindustan Times

The Brothers Ambani appear to be taking the dictum ‘the sky’s the limit’ quite literally. And we can’t even say that this is because they have their heads in the clouds. Barely had big bro Mukesh opened the bejewelled doors of his 27-storeyed home Antilia in Mumbai to the crème de la cremeratti has Anil begun construction on his magnum mansion. The structure has got permission to go upto 66 metres but then that would be dwarfed by Mukesh’s 170-metre high eyrie. So Anil has sought to go upto 150 metres. But into each life some spoilers must fall. Residents of nearby areas are up in arms saying that the building, when completed, would be in the flight path to Mumbai airport. For goodness sake, this is a case of not seeing an opportunity when it jumps up and bites you.

After decades of kvetching and grumbling about Mumbai airport being overburdened with traffic, this is a godsend. If Anil agrees, his roof could be easily upgraded from a mere helipad to a full-fledged airport. This would save passengers the long commute into town and as for Anil, what could be better than to nip up to one’s own roof and take off for London or Toronto? We think these tall abodes are the height of imagination.

Imagine what a dash up and down 27 floors or more could do for your waistline if you are the sort who does not like lifts. The air also would be lot cleaner up there than that which the teeming masses breathe in the gullies below. It would also be great fun for those of us who really have nothing better to do to take bets on how many floors each brother will add to outdo the other. Those of us deprived of a Legoland childhood could relive our lost years through these construction capers. How glorious it is that some people will do anything for a room or hundred with a view.

First Published: Dec 06, 2010 21:52 IST