Hair Styling

Hairdressing is fast growing as one of the top industries, and the opportunities are growing also in film & television industry.

india Updated: Jun 03, 2006 10:18 IST

Today, beauty and glamour is no longer confined to walking on the ramp or getting that slim and curvy look. In fact now a days, each and every thing, right from your attire to the jewellery you have worn gets noticed.

And if you haven’t got the latest style, you surely are in for some heartache. Hairstyles too have become an integral part, when it comes to making a fashion statement, which in turn has catapulted hairdressing to grow and flourish in the market.

Hairdressing as an industry as grown in immensely in India, largely due the changing need of youngsters who try and imitate their favourite stars — be it cricketers or Bollywood stars.

The term hairstyling is comparatively new in India; it’s a Western concept that has inculcated in Indian traditional society. Now the question arises,

Chop here, colour there

The following institutes offer courses in Hairstyling:

• Shahnaz Hussain’s Women’s  

  World International, New Delhi

• Habib’s Hair Academy, 

  New Delhi

• Blossom Kochhar’s Pivot Point,

  New Delhi

• Polytechnic for women, South

  Ex, Part I, New Delhi

• Delhi Institute of Management 

  & Services, New Delhi

• Pearl Academy of Fashion, New


how does a role of a hairdresser differ from a barber? A hairdresser’s job is different from a regular barber’s job, which usually people fail to understand.

What it is Modern hairstyling is all about scientific methods combined with the creativity and imagination of the hairstylist. While dressing hair, the hairstylist has to judge from the customer’s look, what style will suit the person. This is acquired through proper training.

Avenues Today hairdressing is fast growing as one of the top industries in the world and as the trend expands in the fashion industry opportunities are growing not only in hair salons but also in film & television industry, fashion houses, magazines, photo studios — you name the place and you have hairdressers playing a key role in one way or the other.

First Published: May 24, 2006 10:38 IST