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He’s seen the light

Arvind Kejriwal urges people not to pay power bills. Is this the real meaning of more power to the people?

india Updated: Sep 25, 2012 00:11 IST
Hindustan Times
Arvind Kejriwal,electricity bill,BJP

There’s nothing we love as much as a free lunch. It is a different matter that there are not too many takers willing to dish it out to us. And we equally love cutting corners and not paying up on time. But we always did, fearing that the long arm of the law may come knocking at some ungodly hour and march us away to the local clink.

We have long looked for endorsement for our lackadaisical ways and found none, or at least very few. Now along comes a man after our own hearts, who says that if we feel our electricity bills are inflated, simply don’t pay them. This is music to our ears for, in our worldview, all our bills are inflated and there is nothing we’d like more than to not pay them.

We have tried contesting past inflated bills, argued with corrupt officials, pretended we are not at home when the bill collectors come, but here is the simple answer straight from the high priest of honesty, Arvind Kejriwal.

We were so comforted at how Mr Kejriwal, that one-time scourge of politicians, has become so familiar and so much like the elected representatives so dear to us. He too believes that politics begins with protest and heaping scorn on all policies.

A fitting complement to our Mamata-di who in her uniquely incoherent manner has apprised us of all that is wrong with politics today. Or the dear old BJP which never lets up an opportunity to tell us how badly the government has fallen down on its work.

We had hoped that perhaps Mr Kejriwal would come up with a solution or two barring the now tired old Lokpal bill. But then that would entail reasoned argument and debate, not quite as eyeball-grabbing as burning electricity bills.

Now we know that we are cheated on electricity bills, but we also thought that arguing the toss with the authorities might fetch better results than flinging the bill to the winds or consigning it to the flames. Maybe, this is the real meaning of more power to the people.

First Published: Sep 24, 2012 23:50 IST