Heal your fears

When certain fears just don't seem to go away, it becomes imperative to use meditative practices to heal them into a comfortable state.

india Updated: Nov 24, 2003 17:48 IST

An uncanny fear fills the pit of the stomach, it goes deep into the gut, filling the body with anxiety and unnamed insecurities. Apprehensions of all kinds swirl around the heart, and clutch the mind with a fierce grip. Everything appears to have fearful connotations, even the most loved of all people loom large to appear as threatening beasts. The heart races, the breath comes in gasps, and the digestive system breaks down.

This is the ultimate stage of fearfulness, arising from a deep sense of insecurity, or not being able to cope up with the expectations of society. So how do we go about remedying this situation. The first step is to realise that FEAR is a short form of the expanded phrase, False Evidence Appearing Real! But to the fearful person each fear is like a big black bubble surrounding the heart and mind, extending as far as he can see or feel.

Prick the bubble, see the fear for what it really is, an easily prickable, collapsible bubble, and you become free of it forever. However when certain fears just don't seem to go away, it becomes imperative to use meditative practices to heal them into a comfortable state.

Slip into a comfortable meditative position as usual. Spine and head erect, a few deep breaths to centre yourself, and fix your gaze onto the third eye, that is a spot a little higher between the eyebrows.

Call upon the person or situation that makes you fearful, and ask them to be seated before you. Tell them, or it, that you are not afraid of them, and that you are now going to make friends with them. Visualise them dissove all their threatening attitudes in a strong laser beam of violet light. Turn the beam backwards on to yourself, and purge the fear associated with them.

Then energise yourself by visualising the sun blazing in your navel chakra. Breathe in the strength of this sun's rays deeply into the atomic structure of the body. As you watch, this sun will grow in size and brilliance, until it fills the whole body, including the brain.

Stay in this energy, until you feel all signs of the fear dissolving, refreshing you with the most powerful energies of the Sun-God. Brave responses come to your mind, and you start wondering what there really was to cause so much fear and unhappinness in the first place.

You may repeat this exercise for as many explicit fears as you wish to remove. However, after each meditation, please remember to ask that the cause, core, record, effect and memory of it be permanently erased from your four lower bodies. This completes the meditation beautifully. You will never have to go through that horrifying experience again.

First Published: Nov 24, 2003 15:12 IST