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?IAF needs Aerospace command?

The Air Force chief said the IAF has now become a trans-oceanic air power which needs greater networking, reports Rathin Das.
None | By Rathin Das, Gandhinagar
PUBLISHED ON JAN 29, 2007 03:12 AM IST

The Indian Air Force should soon set up an Aerospace command to meet its
increased requirements of monitoring and networking long range airborne activities, Air Chief Marshal SP Tyagi said on Sunday.

The Air Force chief, who addressed the three-day Station Commanders’ Conference of the South Western Air Command (SWAC) here, said that the IAF has now become a trans-oceanic air power which needs greater networking among long range airborne vehicles that also require refuelling mid-air.

The Indian Air Force’s areas of operations have now gone much beyond its geographical borders and the IAF should be able to reach strategic destinations across oceans, Air Chief Marshal Tyagi said.

He emphasised that with IAF getting active in international arena more aircraft need to be modified for long distance flights and need to be refuelled mid-air and thus more refuelling tankers would be required.

These increased activities beyond geographical limits call for an Aerospace command to monitor and network all such airborne activities, the Air Chief underlined.

However, he did not specify any time frame for setting up of the Aerospace command but said that it would require much of human resources, technology and finances.

Replying to a question, Air Chief Marshal Tyagi said the role of the proposed Aerospace command would be very different from the existing Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) which might provide the hardware.

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