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Increase your concentration

Here are some tips that will help increase your concentration, so that you can study effectively with better retention, writes Chinmai Gupta.

india Updated: Jan 22, 2007 14:01 IST
Chinmai Gupta
Chinmai Gupta

While trying to memorise a page full of formulae, at times you realise that you’ve been stuck in the same place, staring at a page for hours? While time ticks by, you have not been able to grasp anything worth mentioning.

It happens to the best of us, but then, some are able to get the marks, others only end up blaming their luck. Here are some tips that will help increase your concentration, so that you can study effectively for shorter periods with better retention.

Let your place of study be in a quiet corner, away from the noise of the TV, phone and other distractions. Tune out from the world, and get engrossed in your studies.

Don’t curl under a blanket with your books, you’re supposed to be working! Sit upright, dress warmly, and keep the room well lit up and cool.

Ignore external distractions like phone calls, music; make a conscious effort to concentrate.

Take deep breaths. It helps. try it out.

Get interested in what you are studying. Concentration is much easier when you genuinely want to know something.

Increase your interest and motivation by previewing before you start your work, relating information to your own experience and making up your own examples.

Find out your optimal period of concentration. Once you start getting weary, take a break, switch subjects, or start jotting down what you have already leant. Starting on with something new will bring with a fresh burst of energy and increases your concentration period.

Set goals, and stick by them. When you know that you have to complete a specified amount of work in a given time frame, you will battle it out with yourself to keep focused.

A little discipline is necessary. Isolate yourself from the outside world when studying, else your flow of concentration will be disrupted each time you respond to external distractions like phone calls or trivial requests by family.

Read aloud from your books. Once you’ve completed a lesson, go explain it to your pets.

Get some physical exercise at least thrice a week. Exercising outdoors if possible, will increase your intellectual performance.

Keep your intake of sugar, caffeine and junk food under check. Too much sugar lowers your blood sugar level, making you sleepy.

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First Published: Jan 22, 2007 12:09 IST