Jealous Congress

BJP?S DYNAMISM has turned Congress envious. Three chief ministers and three state presidents in as many years. And the Congress? No change. The same faces all these years.

india Updated: Nov 26, 2006 15:25 IST

BJP’S DYNAMISM has turned Congress envious. Three chief ministers and three state presidents in as many years. And the Congress? No change. The same faces all these years.

Congressmen, particularly the ones who don’t like Subhash Yadav, sigh in despair over ‘inertia’. The sense of resignation has deepened so much in the last couple of years that Congress leaders seem to have stopped hoping for a new PCC executive.

.. and hopeful BJ
If the BJP’s penchant for change has fuelled some degree of jealousy in the Congress, it has kindled hope in the Bhartiya Janshakti. Uma Bharti’s fledgling party is expecting a large number of dissident BJP workers breaking away. It is waiting for constitution of Narendra Singh Tomar’s new body. Uma loyalists’ conjecture is that marginalised senior BJP leaders might not revolt but their supporters might leave the party in the run up to the forthcoming assembly election. In the event, their natural choice will be Bhartiya Janshakti.

Mutual praise
When the outgoing State BJP president Satyanarayan Jatia rose to speak at the ‘installation ceremony’ of his successor at the party office recently, journalists expected him to drop some hints about the State Government’s apathy towards the party affairs. It is an open secret that Jatia had to go because he failed to strike a good equation with Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

But the veteran MP from Ujjain showered praises on Chouhan, who, in turn, was equally effusive in praising the outgoing state chief.

Surprising reward
An IAS officer’s prize posting has surprised his colleagues in the Mantralaya. The officer was recently removed from his previous department following complaints of hanky panky. He was in a sort of limbo for some time. Now the Government has rewarded the officer with far more lucrative posting. The reward excited the officer so much that he abandoned training midway to join on the new post, lest the government should reconsider its decision in the meantime. Officers are conjecturing the ‘source’ behind the reward to the officer.

No lift
A Cabinet minister had to come down the stairs of Valllabh Bhawan the other day, as the lift was stationary for administrative head of the Secretariat at the fourth floor.

The lift near gate number three is kept waiting at least thrice in a day for the big boss. This causes inconvenience to others, particularly when the ‘Sahib’ takes a little long time for either to coming or leaving the office.

Inspection mania!
It is debatable whether recent surprise inspections by the education officers have improved quality of schools. What is not debatable is that some officers have become rather too passionate about school inspections.

A senior officer of the Directorate of Public Instruction was overheard proposing a school inspection to his junior colleagues at – hold your breath- a crematorium. The officers had gone their to attend a colleague’s funeral and waiting for the body to come. As the wait got longer, the officer floated the idea of inspection of some nearby school to ‘ utilise’ the time.

Soft targets
Some heroic deeds of the Bhopal police are expected soon to divert public attention from the fresh spate of loots. Just when the police were patting their back over busting of the fake certificate racket involving fraud ex-servicemen, the sensational robbery in Piplani rattled the force. ‘Now we will have to put some other gang behind bars’, a police officer remarked. The police have eyes on some habitual criminals as soft targets to deflect pressure in the wake of the rising crime rate.

Lucky Tulsi
The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proved very lucky to MJS Tulsi. He is going to Singapore and Philippines, courtesy the BMC, as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) project director even though he is yet to be formally relieved from the parent department. Tulsi has come on deputation from Indore where he was superintendent engineer in the PHED.

Contributed by Ashutosh Shukla, Ranjan, Manish Dixit, Sravani Sarkar, Shams Ur Rehman Alavi and Anil Dubey

First Published: Nov 26, 2006 15:25 IST