John guru deva, Om

Beware of swooning over a John Lennon song simply because it's called 'India, India'.

india Updated: Oct 11, 2010 22:55 IST
Hindustan Times

For a change, it's not one of those patriotic songs from the AR Rahman stable. John Lennon, who would have turned 70 last week, wrote a song called 'India India' during his, Hare Krishna phase, and it has finally been released. Indian Lennon fans should be exclaiming 'John Guru Deva, Om', but we suggest to hold your horses. Recorded in 1969, the year when Rajesh Khanna was king and the top-grossing Hindi film was the Khanna-Sharmila Tagore starrer, Aradhana, Lennon's idea of India has, well, dated badly.

This was the time when India was still the land of snakecharmers. Indira Gandhi was on her first term as PM and when Lennon asks in the song, "India, India, take me to your heart/ Reveal your ancient mysteries to me," he isn't being as much a cliché-mongerer on the lines of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love but a superstar backpacker of the times.

So before you light those joss-sticks and put on those granny glasses to listen to Indian spirituality via Carnaby Street, remember that 'India India' will be a bit out of sync. Our suggestion: listen to Abbey Road, that brilliant 1969 Beatles album instead. Don't get suckered by that 'India connect' ruse in every story.

First Published: Oct 11, 2010 22:52 IST