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Kangaroo Jack

Jerry O?Connell, Anthony Anderson, Christopher Walken, Estella Warren
PTI | By Meenakshi Kumar, **1/2
UPDATED ON JUL 19, 2003 01:47 PM IST

Non-stop laughter is the USP of this funny flick about two close friends and a kangaroo. Well, don’t be disheartened if you thought it was only about a kangaroo; it is about a kangaroo called Jack but it is also about two friends and the mishaps they end up with.

Charlie Carbone (Jerry O’Connell ) and his friend Louis Fucci (Anthony Anderson) are unhappy with their present jobs and want something better in life. Little do they know that life has something better already planned out. Once when Louis and Charlie are driving through Brooklyn streets in a truck with stolen TV sets, they inadvertently end up in Charlie’s stepfather, Sal’s (Christopher Walken) warehouse of illegal goods. For Charlie’s stepfather, a mob boss, the only alternative now is to get the two killed. So he packs them off to Australia, with a packet for one Mr Smith. And now the fun begins.

Driving through the breathtaking landscape of Australia, the two friends run into a kangaroo. Simple Charlie is heartbroken that he has killed the poor creature but Louis, the smarter of the two, doesn’t think it’s big deal. In fact, he wants to take a photo of the dead kangaroo wearing his lucky red jacket. While the photo-ops are happening, the dead kangaroo comes alive, shakes off the dark glasses, kicks Charlie hard and runs away. Along with the Louis’ jacket he has galloped away with the packet given by Sal, which contained $50,000!

Thus, begins the kangaroo chase which takes the two buddies through the interiors of Australia, brought out incredibly well by the excellent cinematography, partly on an airplane, partly on foot and the rest on camels. It also brings a damsel into Charlie’s life, who initially thinks her to be a mirage. In the final countdown, the bad guys, Mr Smith and Sal’s stooge, are knocked out, the kangaroo is caught and the money rescued and all’s well that ends well. Charlie and Louis do end up living a life of their dreams. Clean humour, witty dialogues and good acting is what makes the film worth watching. 

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