Khwahish ready for release

Govind Menon's Khwahish, dubbed as an erotic film with steamy sex scenes, gets ready for release.

india Updated: Jul 09, 2003 12:25 IST

Govind Menon's Khwahish, dubbed as an erotic film with steamy sex scenes, gets ready for release.

Jism started it all. With a strong box-office collection, sexy sirens now have shed their inhibitions by taking up steamy and bold scenes, making it a trend to follow. After Bipasha, who did steamy scenes in an erotic thriller Jism, it's now Mallika Sherawat's turn to cash in on her sexuality on the screen.

Her latest offering Khwahish, is a steamy love story, and it has caught the fancy of people and film critics alike. Film makers, struggling to cast off the demons of a miserable 2002, are turning to bold adult themes with liberal dosage of sex and on-screen kissing to lure back viewers to cinema halls.

Directed by Govind Menon, Khwahish is a love story of the contemporary urban Indian youth. It also deals with a girl's psyche regarding pre-marital sex.

Model-turned actress Mallika Sherawat teams up with a former modelling colleague Himanshu Malik in the film shot in the exotic beaches of Kerala.

Govind Menon says, "We have broken all the conventions of a typical Hindi cinema and have explored the areas that people don't usually get into, e.g pre-marital sex and the whole idea of having a hero who is horny."

"It's very strange for me that in Hindi cinema nobody seems to be horny. Nobody's turned on by anything, except for villains who want to rape everybody in sight," he further added.

Made at a moderate budget of a little over 40 million rupees, the film was shot in a start-to-finish schedule of 100 days.

Mallika Sherawat, one of the actresses who have managed to hijack the limelight out of the blue in Bollywood, says "an unnecessary ruckus" has been made about her love scenes with her co-star.

Whether the film manages to hold the interest of the audiences, generated by the promos aired on television, will be decided on June 3, when the movie finally hits the theatres.

First Published: May 30, 2003 16:12 IST