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Killer home

Little things in your home, which you tend to ignore otherwise, can prove to be fatal.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2010 00:13 IST
Hindustan Times

It’s not just a road accident or an over dose of drugs that can cause your death. Your house can kill you too.

Shocked? Don’t be. Months after American actress Brittany Murphy and her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack died in their Los Angeles home, health officials and expert reports state that mould growing in their luxury home caused their death.

Similarly there are other things that can cause death at home. Here are a few such things that can kill you, while you’re enjoying your daily soap.

It is a form of fungus which forms anywhere there’s moisture trapped in the air. Any flooding is likely to lead to mould. It causes pneumonia. It also damages the respiratory system and stops the functioning of the body organs which can be lethal.

Spider venom
Black Widow is a deadly spider that can kill humans. It is found in many parts of India. The immediate symptoms once bitten by this insect are nausea, muscle pain and mild paralysis of the diaphragm (midriff). Experts state that it is fatal for the elderly people and the children.

Garden plants
There are certain flowers and plants which contain toxic elements that are harmful for human beings, particularly kids. Pangi (Pangium Edule) is one such flower plant. All parts of this plant are poisonous, with the fruit containing the highest amount of it. It damages the gastrointestinal tract in a human body and even in pets.

Dust mites
Dust mites are one of the most common causes of permanent diseases such as asthma and allergies. If your house is done up with drapes, upholstered furniture and carpeting, a lot of dust keeps accumulating daily on these things. If not cleaned frequently, the dust from these, slowly seeps into the bedding as well. Thus, the air you inhale, may cause not just asthma and allergy but also develop respiratory diseases that could be fatal.

Carbon Monoxide
Leakage in the gas in the kitchen, if not checked in time, can prove to be very dangerous. The furnace and fireplace also release gas which is odourless. If your house is not well ventilated, you will end up inhaling a high percentage of carbon monoxide, which is lethal. Hence, it is advisable that you get a carbon-monoxide detector installed at your home with expert recommendation. It is best to have a kitchen chimney installed.

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First Published: Aug 14, 2010 16:43 IST