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Know your chakras

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
Sep 28, 2004 04:42 PM IST

The throat chakra relates to expression and when closed can cause extreme difficulty in this regard.

The heart chakra, or the anahata, is the balancing chakra between our physical and our spiritual requirements. When this is not in a state of balance, the human lives only for his physical needs, and this promotes egoism. He feels extremely competitive in the rat race of the world, and will stop at nothing to get ahead, using any means, not considering whether they are whether right or wrong. However, when this beautiful chakra is flowering openly, then there is a perfectly balanced human, who can 'think' with his heart, and 'feel' with his brain. He radiates so much goodwill towards all, that this is reflected back to him in abundant measure, making him an abundantly fulfilled person.

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The throat, or the vishuddhi chakra relates to our power of expression, and when closed can cause extreme difficulty in this regard. This can cause frustration with oneself, and can be the root of numerous diseases. The power of visualization and expression, when fully developed in a person, shows that this chakra is fully activated.

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The third eye chakra, called the , is normally not open in most people. This is what causes them to be predictable clones of societal thinking, rigid, and not open to anything that will move them further along the ladder of spiritual evolvement. When it does open, it inspires the human to explore the unknown depths and vastness of the Universe. It also increases the power of intuitive thinking, to make for a wise and unlimited attitude to every task the human undertakes. The past, present and future of all experiences become apparent to this enlightened human, and he is able to move forward better because of this.

The crown chakra, or the sahasrara, is the crystal lotus that blooms in a fully enlightened human. The signs of a closed sahasrara are non appreciation of nature and God's mysticism and power, and no knowledge of the macrocosmic aspect of God. Such a person is always living outside the here and now, wither in the past, or in the future.

Opening up this flower into full bloom is one of the most beautiful mystical experiences, as it connects us to the Absolute Energies and the overwhelming immensity of the Universe. The human, on experiencing this flowering, moves beyond time and space into Universal Love, becoming One with it! Once this charka has opened up, then it cannot get back to its previous closed position.

The human, on entering this stage can never fall back into the lower energetic field that he was earlier living in. he is now constantly connected to God, telepathically, and to all the Akashic records. He has access to any and all knowledge that he wishes to know, and the Godlike wisdom of thought and feeling becomes part of his personality.

This is the ultimate human experience, and no amount of explanation can come close to this incredible feeling of bliss and ananda!

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