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Making a big deal

Barkha Dutt has rightly advised the top ideologues of the Left parties to come in terms with the times and appreciate the endeavour of the UPA Govt in finalising the Indo-US deal.

india Updated: Aug 25, 2007 01:36 IST

Barkha Dutt in Left in a time warp (August 18) has rightly advised the top ideologues of the Left parties to come in terms with the times and appreciate the endeavour of the UPA government in finalising the Indo-US deal. Ever since liberalisation was set in motion, India has achieved a high rate of economic growth which was unheard of in earlier decades. If the Left leadership is not willing to discard the old Marxist shibboleths, it may lose the political space in the present coalition. The Left should reappraise their policy of disagreement.

Ghanshyam Narain


Barkha Dutt has rightly taken the Left to task for remaining stuck in an ideological time warp. The Left fails to understand that we committed to a unilateral moratorium on testing during the NDA’s rule. Even the chief of India’s atomic energy establishment who was part of the negotiating team, cleared the agreement. It is naive to imagine that in a unipolar world, a government shall steer away from the US only because of the Left’s opposition. The right course is to weigh every policy on the scale of national interest and act responsibly.

J.M. Manchanda
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The Left must understand that they can’t have their cake and eat it too. While observing that our people distinguish between Bush and his country, Barkha has rightly concluded that the deal, if it is on our terms and meets our energy needs, should be accepted.

S.K. Wasan


Barkha Dutt has correctly analysed that it’s the Stalinists rather than socialists who guide the Left’s approach towards the nuclear agreement with America. At a time when their cousins in Russia and China, after shedding Marxism, are coming close to America in their own interest, the opposition of the Indian communists in drawing benefits from the nuclear power defies reason.



Barkha Dutt is right in saying that if the nuclear deal is signed on our own terms and for our benefit, then the Left’s opposition is meaningless. Honestly speaking, 90 per cent of our political leaders are not aware of the details of the deal they are opposing. Barkha is right that we are against a deal which is good for India, but not against America.

G.K. Arora

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First Published: Aug 25, 2007 01:32 IST