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Moving into Deep Meditation-III

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
Aug 09, 2004 12:17 PM IST

Tap into this ingenous method and discover for yourself what 'real' peaceful living is all about!

We have found, through our practical experience, that listening to music which touches our soul, like mantra music, or highly inspired music of the Masters, seems to have an enervating effect on the body, which keeps us in a restful yet alert state of functioning. This happens because these tones, or vibrations, are part of Universal Cosmic rhythms, designed to bring our body fluids into harmony with them. Considering that 90 percent of our body composition is fluids, it is not at all surprising that bodies respond by altering their vibrations to be in synchronization with these Cosmic rhythms.

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Once this happens, the body organs respond by producing life preserving, and strengthening neurochemicals, directly into the bloodstream. Results vary from person to person, but there is always a remarkable movement towards improved emotional health, lower stress levels, and increased mental functioning.

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There are three important hormones which, when produced in perfect quantities, increase longevity, by stopping the ageing process. They are cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

DHEA is a hormone is the source ingredient, that is a precursor to virtually every hormone that that the body produces. As this is the base chemical for all hormones, it becomes the key to opening the doors to stop ageing, and resistance to disease. When production of DHEA dips, you become more susceptible to ageing and disease, when it is high, the body functions at its peak, vibrantly, and with the ability to prevent and combat all diseases. It also acts as a buffer to stress related hormones, such as cortisol, the hormone produced by the body when stress takes its toll. As we grow older and make less DHEA, we become more susceptible to stress, leading to ageing and disease.

The New England Journal of Medicine, (December 11th 1986) reports that a 100 microgram decileter increase in DHEA blood levels corresponded with a 48 percent reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease, and a 36 percent reduction in mortality for any reason.

Melatonin, as we know, is the hormone that contributes to restful sleep. During our sleeping hours, when our brain waves move downwards to theta levels, we are able to allow the rejuvenating hormones to do their job, as during this time more neurochemicals are fed into the bloodstream, than in the waking hours. Research has also proved that this is a powerful antioxidant, even more powerful than Vitamin E!

Let us now correlate what we have learned about the production of  the neurochemicals in our body with meditative levels of sleep and consciousness.

As we lower our brain activity, through deep meditation, we achieve all three things together. The DHEA levels rise in our bloodstream, cortisol, the stress hormone prevails at the right level, and melatonin production increases two to three fold, resulting in am amazing peace from within.

It is only when we go through this amazing experience that we realize how much  we have given away our power to the outside world to control our stress and peace levels, when we can keep them attuned to the peace of the Cosmic rhythms!

Tap into this ingenous method and discover for yourself what 'real' peaceful living is all about!


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